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You always want to be ready to explain, not only what you believe, but why you believe it. You also want to make sure that when you're trying to learn something, you're asking the right questions. Only then are you guaranteed to arrive at the correct conclusions.

Bruce Gust

Muscular Christianity

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It's easy to segregate the profound from the practical to the point where Christ is more of a File Folder than He is the Filing Cabinet.

The point of "Muscular Christianity" is to establish a more "muscular" Presence of Christ in every area of one's life and that includes the way you workout, the way you make those you care about a priority, the way you vote - even the way you mow your lawn!

Click on this link to access the "Muscular Christianity Forum" where you'll find all kinds of material that talks about what's going on with you and in the world from a perspective that attempts to line things up with the Word of God.

Buckle up!

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Books, Drums, Burpees & More!

Could life be any better? Where else can you go to find resources that cover everything from how to lose weight to how to read a Drum Chart? It's all here and in one place!

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Loose Cannon Fitness

Loose Cannon Fitness

Modeled after a USMC approach to calisthenics in that you're performing every exercise according to a specific pace, LCF delivers real results, real quick!

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