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Duck Dynasty | More Than Strategic

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1) Phil Robertson's comments pertaining to homosexuality were not inaccurate as much as they were _________.

2) What does LGBT stand for?

Let's Go Be Trendy
Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender
Large Goat Basketball Team
3) You cannot logically assert a _________ quality as the basis for something ________.

dirty, clean
pleasing, uncomfortable
virtuous, immoral
4) Who does the Homosexual community not flinch when you say that their actions are wrong?

They have scientific research to backup their stance.
They don't recognize the Bible as being Absolute
They have a well funded media machine working on their behalf
5) In order to be compelling, you have to point to the _______ of Truth and not just a ________ from it.

Source, deviation
Power, sample
evidence, departure