A Racist Piece of Cloth

Shannon-SharpeShannon Sharpe is a sports commentator who, at one point, was a professional football player for the Denver Broncos.

He recently went on a bit of rant concerning the way in which much of the NFL is taking a knee during the National Anthem. At one point he said that, “…the flag is nothing but a piece of cloth that no one fights for.” Feel free to click on the graphic to the right and view the entire piece.

During his discourse, he attempts to reinforce his point by asking if our nation, in terms of patriotism, equality and opportunity, is really all that?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

First of all, we are the only country that fought a war to end the sin, the stain and the inhumane stink of slavery. Over 350,000 caucasians died to emancipate the black race that was in chains. The 13th amendment abolished slavery, the 14th granted the full rights of citizenship to slaves and the 15th amendment ensured that all citizens, including people of color, were allowed to vote.1 It was a Republican congress that passed those laws, it was a Republican president that lead the philosophical and military charge that defeated a slavery and it was a Republican majority that passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964.2

It’s important to underscore these facts because Shannon Sharpe, and those who think like him, are reading from a script that, while it goes beyond party lines, is nevertheless part of the Democrat / Progressive playbook that intentionally brushes aside the efforts and the sacrifice made by America to ensure that the Declaration of Independence resonates as a document that applies to all people. If you make a point of asking the wrong questions, you inevitably arrive at all the wrong conclusions.The Republic, the freedom, the paradigm that we have in place today as Americans is a decidedly American dynamic that was drafted by American statesmen and purchased with American blood.

The limitations and the economic disparity that Shannon would point to that, in his mind, represent systemic flaws in America’s design and character stem more from cultural immorality than systemic oppression. 41% of black Americans drop out of High School. In 2015, more than 70% of the babies born to the black community were born to un-wed mothers. Those two statistics have absolutely nothing to do with supposed police brutatlity or white supremacy. Those are symptomatic of broken families, broken lives and a lifetime spent in minimum wage paying jobs because of poor choices and not a lack of opportunity (click here to read “Racism: Absolutely Not!”).

It’s ironic that Sharpe condemns the flag as being a piece of cloth that no one fights for when it’s the right to free speech – a right that is represented by that flag – that he is exercising that very moment.

It will be interesting to see just how far the NFL and professional sports in general are willing to compromise themselves by insisting that the Progressive school of thought is acceptable to majority of America. While refusing to stand for the National Anthem is the action we’re being forced to tolerate, it’s the overarching message behind that action that serves as the mantra of the Progressive moment and the Democrat party in general. It’s veiled most of the time in the context of words like “equality” and “compassion,” but in the end, it’s a re-tooling of America based on a Humanistic philosophy, an amoral approach to what’s right and a militant methodology.

Professional sports, many college campuses, Hollywood and the media – they’re all being compelled to reveal their true colors and I’m hoping that the dramatic loss of ratings, advertising income and public support will compel them to realize they’re not in the majority and all those who are blindly following will open their eyes and see the toxic wasteland that is Progressive thought.



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