About Those Subpoenas…

subpoena-imgTrump is being charged with “Obstruction of Congress” based in part on his unwillingness to comply with several subpoenas that target several of his subordinates. There’s more to this than what meets the eye from my standpoint, however…

Imagine you’re arguing with someone at work and while the topic of your disagreement has nothing to do with racism, at one point he calls you a racist.

By this time, other people are listening. And while everyone knows that you’re not a racist, because the accusation is so heinous, you’re compelled to respond by saying that they’re wrong. But that can be a challenge because of the subjective nature of the issue.

Meanwhile, the original argument is still going. But those who are listening are now far less likely to process whatever you were saying because of the way your opponent has called your character into question by accusing you of racism.

It’s a heinous tactic because your adversary didn’t need any proof or probable cause, all they needed to do was simply insert it into the argument and they’ve moved the ball down the field while you’re still putting on your helmet.

This impeachment process is the exact same thing. The Dems only need to appear “outraged.” They can speak into existence anything they want and have it accepted as a possibility even if it’s not real. They can even change their accusations should they be revealed as something that doesn’t poll well. The idea is to create as much “noise” as possible and hope that somewhere in the din is something that will “stick.” In this case, it’s the very fact that there are “articles of impeachment” that will, hopefully, convince some that he’s not worthy of a second term.

But what makes it especially diabolical is that these tactics are rarely deployed without effecting a great deal of damage. You being accused of racism is going to be dismissed as ridiculous by anyone who knows you. But there are some in your audience who will always look at you in a guarded way – always wondering if the accusations might’ve had any merit.

The subpoenas were authentic from a legal perspective, but from a twisted, practical standpoint, they were strategic for the Democrats in that they would’ve created more “noise” and it would’ve been produced at the expense of every one of the individuals’ personal and professional integrity. In other words, because they would’ve attempted to defend the President, they would’ve been maligned and it was here that Trump stepped in and said, “No.” Not because he was oblivious to the legal ramifications, but because he recognized the game that was being played and was willing to protect his subordinates rather than throwing them to the wolves.

It’s a noble gesture and it’s ironic that it’s his resolve to protect his people that now serves as one of the articles of impeachment.

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