Being Wise and Not Just Aware

COVID-19-Card-3Here’s my problem…

It’s a common tactic for a guilty party to assault the character of a person who’s asking some direct questions they don’t want to answer. The idea is to distract people from what’s inside the box by getting them to focus on the packaging. (Mk 9:38-39).

At this point, I’m not interested in “facts”- the packaging –  as much as I’m interested in “truth.”

What’s inside the box?

And it all boils down to some basic questions – questions that are often buried beneath a new round of statistics that seem to be designed to intimidate rather than inform.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

#1) Where did the virus come from?

Was it a natural phenomenon that originated in the wet markets of China or was it manufactured in a lab? If it was manufactured, why?

#2) Who benefits from this virus?

Is there money to be made from vaccines? Can it be politicized in way that benefits a particular political party? Is there room for corruption and has that impacted the way this virus has been presented to the public?

#3) How many COVID-19 deaths are fatalities that were actually caused by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome?

In order to die because of the virus, you have to choke on your own fluids (ARDS). Many fatalities are being documented as Coronavirus fatalities when the cause of death was pre-existing health conditions. Why? Every day we hear about the “death toll.” How can that number be ethically published if it’s not a true reflection of what the virus is doing?

#4) Is your immune system being strengthened or weakened by withdrawing from society?

Is remaining in your home or wearing a mask every time you go out in public helping you or hurting you in the long run?

#5) The medical advice we’re being given is justified only if you’re focused on a handful of heavily populated areas in the US. Why?

Over half of the counties in America have not had a single COVID-19 death, yet we’re all being advised according to the some of most unhealthy and crowded areas in our country. Why?

Regardless of how we move forward, these are some of the basic questions that need to be answered. The fact that those answers are not being volunteered let alone published is bothersome, especially when the only news you ever hear is what justifies yet another wave of panic and more justification for greater government intervention.

Dr Fauci and whoever else with comparable credentials, you have the floor…


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