Dirty Glacier


“Dirty Glacier” is an apt illustration of what happens when you’re considering a particular issue that’s being presented according to a collection of very judiciously selected facts. Or it could be something that’s weighing on you and, either because you’re too tired or you’re too emotional, rather than seeing your scenario in a way that’s founded on the Reality and Power of God, you restrict your perspective to only that which you can see and the end result is depressing.

What makes it challenging is that the accuracy of the data that’s being perceived is intact, it’s just that the data itself isn’t complete. It’s like a dirty glacier in that you’re only seeing the dirty “facts” that are being communicated / considered while the bulk of the information that’s needed to formulate a truly accurate conviction remains intentionally hidden.

Jesus said in John 7:24

Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.

 Get past the dirty glacier and make an effort to access what’s below the surface. Whether it’s a current event or something going on in your own life, when confronted with a dirty glacier, pop the hood on that thing and “judge correctly.”



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