Even Dangerous

danger-sign-k-9458When a liberal is confronted with a situation where a solid solution is working, yet it deviates from their philosophical preferences, rather than attempting to argue their case in the context of a framework that threatens to reveal either their true intentions or their unsustainable solutions, they instead attack the character of the person that represents the platform they’re trying to destroy. By casting the progress of their opponent as coming from someone who is fundamentally immoral, they’re able to advance their agenda by being perceived as morally superior.

It’s a tactic that’s been used for the last four years as a way to defeat the policies and the approach to government represented by Donald J. Trump. Although it’s a heinous approach that comes right out of Alinski’s, “Rules for Radicals,” it can be every effective. You see that now in that more jobs, cheaper oil, stronger economy, better military – anything that is generally promised by a particular political party – is processed as bogus because Trump’s signature is on it. Democrats can’t criticize a stronger America, but they have to be critical nevertheless in order to maintain their power. And they do that by focusing on presenting Trump and his supporters as fiends.

Violent. Racist. Divisive. Discriminatory.

Even dangerous…

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