Here’s What Bugs Me…

trumpI Like Trump Because of What He Did

I was in the Marines for nine years. I like his approach to North Korea. He was able to stare down someone who would’ve otherwise been accommodated in the context of the kind of diplomacy that tyrants thrive on. I like the fact that he brought troops home who would’ve otherwise been embroiled in a war based on centuries worth of inner turmoil between different Islamic factions. I like the fact that he removed our country from a bogus agreement between Iraq and ourselves that actually gave them money to build a nuclear program.

I like the fact that he built a wall that makes it more difficult for people to enter our country illegally. Your situation may be desperate, but your willingness to start your tenure as an American citizen by breaking the law and theoretically placing yourself in the same category as a terrorist is no way to kick things off.

I like the fact that he removed the teeth from Obamacare so if you want a different approach to healthcare, you’re not having to deal with a tax penalty. I like the fact that we stopped funding international abortion. I agree with recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I like the dynamics of the new trade agreements between Mexico, Canada and China. I like what he did as far as cleaning up the VA. I love his aggressive approach to getting a vaccine in place for COVID-19 and I like a strong economy based on real industry and ambition as opposed to something that’s propped up with a bunch of government subsidies.

Here’s What Bugs Me…

The strategy used by parties who pose as victims in order to prevent anyone from disagreeing with them. The fact that, to a bigot, everything is a racist issue. The creed that advocates Socialism by insisting there are no fools, only those who have things and those that don’t. Accusing anyone of believing that individuals are responsible for their actions as being guilty of fear and hate. Disguising one’s inability to defend their argument in the context of a name, a person and a choice by constantly using labels, mobs and crowds.

Perceiving American history according to the distortions authored by Howard Zinn. Equating one’s right to be happy with the authority to redefine moral absolutes. The nonsensical resolve to defund law enforcement in cities that have the hightest crime rates. Dismissing extortion being done on an international level as being inconsequential when the guilty party is a Democrat, but spending millions of dollars to indict a Republican based on a fictiitous charge according to a manufactured dossier.

Evaluating the Constitution according to the flaws of those that wrote it rather than the substance of the document itself. The idiocy represented by refusing to stand for the National Anthem in that you’re demonizing the symbol of the institution that’s giving you the right you’re exercising in that moment.

Championing mail in voting when it was denounced by your own party in 2008, applauding the dismantling of the Keystone Pipeline despite the way it increases gas prices and kills jobs, ignoring the immoral and financial perversion represented by the leadership of the Lincoln Project and the belief that the greedy and sinsiter quest for power can be made to look noble by using words like “social justice,” “national security” and “protection of democracy.”

But You Know What Really Frustrates Me…?

The way in which voter fraud was supposed to be evaluated on January 6th, but then it’s suddenly a moot point because a crowd of idiots comprised of individuals who had engaged in criminal activity before Trump uttered a word, were now being filmed breaking into the Capital. Suddenly, over 1,000 affidavits from six different states are shelved and anyone who supports Trump, or at least has questions about the election, are defined as fools and fiends that threaten our democracy and must be banned from Social Media.

But here’s the kicker…

What’s really exasperating…

The way you’ve been conditioned to process everything I’ve just written according to my ethnicity…

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