Illegal Immigration Q&A

POST-STANDARDThere was a video on Facebook that was highlighting some of the heartbreak a town was feeling in light of their illegal immigrant neighbors having been deported.  Some of the comments made were critical of Trump and accused him of being a Nazi – as though enforcing immigration law was akin to fascism.

Here’s my rebuttal to those who would insist that the US is being cruel in processing illegal immigrant in a manner that is consistent with the law.

Question: Did any of these people immigrate here legally?

Answer: No, they didn’t.

Question: So, what does that mean, exactly? Why is their being here illegally constitute a problem?

Answer: Three reasons: First and foremost: Border Security. While you’ve got a lot of people crossing over into America illegally who aren’t wanting anything more than more opportunites for themselves and their families, you’ve also got a sinister dynamic that’s coming over here for the sake of terrorism and / or general criminal activity. If you want to read more about the criminal dynamic, click here to see some statistics that talk about illegal immigrant crime statistics.

As far as terrorism, again, you don’t have to dig very far. Click here to read, “Zero Islamic Terror Attacks: What London and America Need to Learn from Japan”
to learn more about how our current immigration policies are in desperate need of overhaul.

Secondly, illegal immigrants typically work for much less than their blue collar counterparts and create more unemployment problems. Again, this is documented and isn’t a “conservative talking point,” it’s math.

Finally, an illegal immigrant doesn’t pay taxes the same way you and I do. We’re talking billions of dollars that have to be made up elsewhere. The Washington Examiner covers this in great detail and is a good read.

If you’ve ever been to Auschwitz and seen the room that’s filled with human hair and heard how the Germans used hair from Jewish prisoners to create pillows, you would realize that there’s nothing about what Trump is doing that even comes close to that kind of garbage. It’s basically the battlecry of a party that defaults to manipulation in order to secure what it couldn’t earn or steal in the last election. Racism is nothing short of evil. Referring to America as a country steeped in racism conveniently glosses over the fact that we’re the only country in the history of the planet that fought a war in order to end the institution of slavery. The Progressive charge of “racism” champions the idea that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was anything other than a regurgitation of amendments made to the Constitution by the Republican party in the immediate aftermath of Civil War. It also skips over the fact that had Republicans votes for the Civil Rights legislation in the same proportions that the Democrats cast their votes, the law would’ve never passed (see Dinesh D’soua and Wikipedia).


  • security
  • the increase of unemployment amongst American blue collar workers and
  • the way in which illegals are using tax funded services, yet not having to pay taxes the same way an American citizen might

In short, it boils down to a security risk as well as a financial debacle. And, of course, it’s against the law to begin with.

Question: Do you not have any pity for those who are being deported?

Answer: However heart wrenching these stories may be, the burden of responsibility is not on those that are enforcing the law, it’s on those who broke the law. If you hear kids crying, look to their parents and ask them why they chose to enter this country illegally and subject your kids to the nonsense they’re having to contend with now.

Question: But doesn’t this smack of Fascism and the way the Germans forcibly removed Jews from their homes?

Answer: It’s a cheap and reprehensible tactic to use words that carry a historical stigma that is nothing short of horrific to bolster a platform that is lacking in both common sense and moral responsibility.

Fascism is what Progressives call Democracy when they’re not in charge just like they use the term “racist” to describe anyone who exhibits a behavior or perspective that threatens the prospect of a minority voting for their Democratic candidate. Other terms like “Homophobe” or “Islamaphobe” are deployed for the same reasons, as far as demonizing any intellectual paradigm that acknowledges a moral absolute beyond one’s self in order to secure votes, power and money.

Bottom line: What Trump has done and what Trump is doing is in line with his campaign promises.

The economy is better than it’s been in a decade. Compare that to your champion Obama who has the distinction of being the only president in the history of our nation who never saw a full year of 3% growth. Trump beat that in the first two quarters.

We’re building a wall, our foreign policy is based on strength and not a perpetual apology and we’re now enforcing the Constitution rather than ignoring it…

No. Trump is not a Nazi and deporting illegals is not Fascism. It’s enforcing a law that’s in place, not because of racial or religious prejudice, but because it protects our nation on several fronts. As an aside, Fascism is facilitated exclusively through a government that is established through force and not via a democratic process. On every level, you’re wrong in using the term “Fascism” to describe Trump to the point where you don’t want to dignify it with a response. And doesn’t it strike you as odd that the ones wearing masks these days are not those that voted for Trump, but those who disagree with him…

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