Why Would You Impeach President Trump?

accomplishmentsWhy would you impeach President Trump? For doing the very things that he promised he would do as a candidate? For reducing the number of regulations that our industries have had to contend with under Obama resulting in one of the strongest economies we’ve had in a long time? For recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

He’s effective and the Dems can’t stand it. And the fact that he won the election fair and square can’t be admitted because that means their platform is no longer in sync with public opinion let alone what’s consistent with what’s best for America.

The impeachment process will be a theatrical production. There is no substance to their accusations just like there was no collusion with Russia. But it’s the only card they can play because they don’t have the majority and they don’t have any plan or theme apart from regaining power.

Think about it. What would the Dems promise? A strong economy? We have it. A solid foreign policy? We have it. A group of Supreme Court justices that interpret the Constitution rather than try to rewrite it? Perhaps not all Dems want that, but we have it.

The Dems don’t have anything they can present to our country save a Socialist agenda disguised as social justice and compassionate. But even that is wearing thin as their true colors become more apparent every day.

Impeachment is their last, desperate attempt to regain the momentum they had with Obama. He has a great gift for communicating something vile, yet making it sound patriotic. Trump is not a politician. He’s one of country’s most successful businessmen who gauges success by action and not intention. And the Dems can’t fight that with anything other than accusations, law suits, innuendos and…

…impeachment proceedings.

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