In God We Trust

IMG_3538Executive Summary of the Progressive Element within the Democrat Party


Retool the philosophical foundation of the United States with the goal of introducing a Socialist paradigm where the only absolute that is acknowledged is the absolute of the state.


1) Undermine the Christian doctrine by accusing the Bible of being racist, sexist and inhuman

2) Mock and demonize every American icon (“People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn)

3) Establish man as his own deity in that they decide…

○ who lives (abortion)
○ what constitutes moral absolutes (homosexuality)
○ the fate of the planet (Climate Change)
○ their gender (transgender)
○ personal accountability (BLM)
○ the rule of law (Hillary Clinton [email scandal])

4) Challenge Trump at every turn by…

○ attacking his character in order to distract from his actions
○ manufacture Russian collusion scandal in order to cast doubt on the integrity of the election of 2016
○ use Democrat majority in the House to force through an impeachment case. It doesn’t matter if he’s removed from office…

5) Deploy MSM to…

○ Cover up of various criminal activities including…
■ murder (Jeffrey Epstein)
■ money laundering (Clinton Foundation, Hunter Biden)
■ perjury, abuse of power (James Comey [FISA Warrants], Hillary Clinton [Email Scandal, Benghazi, Russian Uranium Sale])
○ convince Christians they can’t support him without compromising their faith by framing his response to our attacks as being divisive, hateful and all this coming from a vulgar, white supremacist
○ convince minorities that they’re supporting a racist by quoting him out of context
○ convince Muslims that he despises Islam (refrain from the way he’s merely extending practices initiated by Obama)
○ convince Hispanics that Border Security is racist
○ deny and distract from every campaign promise he’s fulfilled
○ discourage women from supporting him by…
■ emphasizing eleven year old comment made on Access Hollywood
■ remaining silent about any indiscretion done by a high ranking Democrat
■ framing his dismantling of Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate as an assault on Women’s Rights

6) prevent him from being re-elected by…

○ implementing Dominion software at various election facilities that will give us ability to implement algorithims that will prevent a Trump victory
○ justify Mail In voting with the Corona Virus
○ install complicit individuals that can edit, destroy and manufacture ballots as needed

7) incorporate Saul Alinski tactics by framing every attack in the context of “liberty,” “compassion” and “justice.” Dismiss any rebuttal by attacking the individual and thereby distracting and subverting their content – however credible it may be.

Current Status:

Election was a disaster. Trump’s numbers were more than projected. Irregularities and evidence of corruption is apparent. Republicans will probably retain the Senate, the House is now almost 50-50, however… MSM has been successful in convincing many that even before the evidence is revealed, it’s nothing more than a desperate attempt on the part of Trump and his supporters from accepting the inevitable…

On November 19th, Rudi Gulliani and Sidney Powell held a Press Conference and went into some detail as to the fraud that’s been discovered in the context of both mail in votes and voting software.

Not only is it compelling, it’s genuinely disconcerting. If even a fraction of what is being alleged is true, in order for the corruption to be effective, it has to exists on multiple levels of government and oversight. Gulliani referred to that in the context of Philadelphia where you have election operatives, biased media and bogus judges all working together to facilitate a fraudulent result. Yet, in order for that dynamic to work in the context of national results, it has to be signed off at the Federal level as well.

Here’s the thing: When Politics ceases to be about the way people are governed and instead is an assault on the One all governments answer to, it is no longer legislation as much as it is desecration. This is why the lines have been so vividly drawn. It’s not about methodology, nor is it about freedom, social justice or compassion. It’s a godless agenda being forced upon the American population in the guise of noble sounding phrases championed by people who believe themselves to be above the law because they’re in a position to either enforce it or create it.

The reason Trump is so despised is because he cannot be swayed by a poll, a headline or a bribe. Moreover, he doesn’t lay down and die in the face of a coup facilitated by criminals posing as congressmen assisted by activists posing as journalists. He hits back and when he does he inspires more desperation on the part of his adversaries. And as they continue in their attempt to destroy him their tactics become more criminal and their philosophy becomes more apparent.

Bottom line: Keep the faith.

This isn’t about Trump. It never was. This is about returning to the notion that it’s not statesmanship that makes America great, it’s the Divine Absolute it’s based upon as defined in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution is not evaluated according to the character flaws of those that wrote it, rather it’s evaluated according to the substance of the document itself. Your capacity to prosper is defined not by ethnicity or creed, rather it is based on the fact that all men are equal under God. To insist that there is a systemic bias that restricts you from being able to advance cannot be assumed without first considering one’s personal history and evaluating the moral choices made by that individual. Christianity is not a liability nor is it an assault on human rights, it’s a Divine Act of unconditional love that restores the relationship between God and man and any cruelty that’s supposedly justified by God’s Word is inevitably a distortion of Scripture and not an expression of it.

In short, if this evidence was rigged, it will be made evident. If it’s proven in court, those that are guilty of attempting to rob the American people of their right to choose their leadership will be prosecuted as felons. The media, including Facebook and Twitter, will be revealed as accomplices and their credibility will be restored only in the context of their management being dismissed.

This is not a popularity contest nor is it scandal that can be created or destroyed with a catchy headline and a biased article. It’s either true or it’s not and if Biden is nothing more than a creation of fraud, bias and manipulation, not only is his career ruined but the machine that created him will be revealed for what it is.

Meanwhile, distortion will give way to revelation and substance will overwhelm sensationalism. And our motto will be more than a catch phrase, it will mean more than it has in a long, long time because it points to what we should be and not what some would have us become…

In God We Trust.

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