Jerusalem 2017

2017-12-05T142139Z_1_LYNXMPEDB412O_RTROPTP_4_USA-TRUMP-ISRAELPresident Trump made a campaign promise to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Given the way the militant Muslims have reacted as well as the manner in which the media has painted the administration as being reckless and irresponsible, it might come as a surprise that Trump is simply acting on a law that was passed in 1995 and affirmed by Congress just this past June.

What is irritating is the way in which some Muslims are saying that it will interfere with the “peace process.”

The “peace process…”

Our nation’s history has been punctuated repeatedly with acts of terror / war accomplished in the name of Allah. During the administration of Thomas Jefferson, you had the War with the Barbary Pirates. World War I was instigated by the Ottoman Empire and both the 20th and the 21st century have seen a despicable number of terrorist acts – again, all coming from a group of people who have the audacity to promote themselves as agents of peace in the face of President Trump moving our embassy to what represents the judicial and legitimate capital of Israel.

However flawed President Trump may be, it is his disregard for political correctness / cowardice that inspired me to vote for him. Neither Bush, Clinton nor Obama were willing to do it despite they’re being ethically and legislatively justified in doing so and frankly I’m glad that the US is positioning itself as a legitimate friend to Israel and not a subordinate to Islamic terror.

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