Muscular Christianity Weekend Conference

book_title_pageHere’s the vision:Bring in Bruce Gust, the author of “Muscular Christianity” in to your church for a Friday nite / Saturday morning session.

Bruce lays out the program in the context of his testimony and the message to believers he feels God as laid on his heart. Friday nite, for three hours, he goes through a large portion of the “Muscular Christianity” program and presents it in the context of a biblical perspective that is nothing short of motivating.

Saturday morning, he leads the same group of guys in a “Muscular Christianity” exercise session and follows it up with another two hours of Bible study and concludes by helping to get your own “Muscular Christianity” Bible study by introducing the leaders and basically jump starting the ministry in a way that is sure to get everyone pumped about “Inspiration, Perspiration and Transformation!”

To contact Bruce Gust, you can email him at bruce@muscularchristianityonline.comand ask him about schedule, travel and honorariums.

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