He Needs to be Guilty

hollywoodFor two years, opponents of President Trump have been salivating over the Mueller Report, believing that he would find what they were hoping for: A legitimate reason to believe that Trump wasn’t duly elected.

He had to have cheated. There’s no good reason to believe that the American public believes that Obama’s political paradigm is no longer welcome. The ideology that fuels the Progressive movement must remain intact at all costs…

Then we learn that the dossier that initiated the suspicions and the subsequent two year investigation was paid for by the DNC, approved by Obama and his administration and executed by biased characters in the FBI that are supposed to be about the dispassionate pursuit of justice rather than the prejudiced destruction of political opponents.

As a quick aside, Hillary’s resume of legitimate crimes resonate as treacherous. That’s not an exaggeration. And Obama is being revealed more and more as a sinister character that, not only doubled our national debt and put our country at risk in the context of the Iran Arms Deal, but also¬†abused his authority and committed crimes in the context of attempting to demonize Trump using the Department of Justice, the FBI and the media.

What irks me about the way that some Hollywood types are responding to all this is the way in which they turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to all that is just and noble and continue to insist that they’re right and everyone else is just trying to catch up.

The one thing that encourages me, however, is the fact that the more they yell, the more it becomes obvious that the machinations driving this investigation are not only bogus, but they are criminal in and of themselves. Furthermore, the celebrities and politicians that are applauded and encouraged to be outrageously vulgar and ridiculously biased, I believe, are going to find themselves in the very difficult position of having to admit they are on the wrong side of history.

I don’t think that’s going to happen in their lifetimes, however.

I say that because Trump needs to be guilty. If not the Mueller Report, then his tax returns. If not his tax returns then it must be something else. Never mind the idea of putting America first by building a wall and working to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Never mind the strong economy, the rational foreign policy and the notion of putting America first in the context of¬†security, financial solvency and overall welfare. It’s about an amoral, godless, humanistic agenda that cannot be halted let alone threatened.

He needs to be guilty.

But he’s not and those who insist that he is reveal themselves to be committed to a moral and spiritual paradigm that is as toxic as it is irrational.

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