Rules of Engagement – Part I

book_title_pageIf I accuse you of not having any money, you can easily prove me wrong by showing me the tens and twenties in your wallet.

On the other hand, if I accuse you of being greedy, now you have a problem in that you can’t put your thought life on display and prove me wrong the same you did a moment ago by simply opening up your billfold.

In today’s polictical and cultural arena, Truth is being strategically silenced by using the aforementioned technique where the objective dynamics of one’s words and actions are being intentionally ignored in order to focus instead on a subjective element that can be exploited and used to demonize a person and cause their platform to be perceived as something sinister.

Should you find yourself in a conversation where your views are being criticized as being opinions based on a mindset characterized by something ignoble (i.e. fear and hate), don’t attempt to defend what can’t be readily proven. Instead, remind your opponent that the issue isn’t the way you “feel” rather, it’s about the actions and the rhetoric of those you disagree with.

When you pop the hood on the way Christ handled those who tried to argue with Him, He was masterful. And part of what made His approach so effective is that He never allowed the conversation to be controlled by those who were focused more on strategy than they were substance.

We have to do the same.

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