tshirtsI originally put this combination together in an effort to exercise without having to tax my chest and arms which were still reeling from a previous workout. It’s actually part of a series. Upper body is called “Guns,” Legs is called “Boots” and this one, obviously, is called “T-Shirts.” This is nothing but abs, with the exception of the inevitable round of Burpees (last exercise / second set). After I did this, my core was just as sore as everything else. Good Training!

Cycle One

Rocking Chairs
Humming Birds (bring your opposite elbow to the floor while propped up on your side)

Cycle Two

In’s and Out’s
Leg Lifts / Bicycles / Rocking Chairs

Cycle Three

Cherry Pickers
Flutter Kicks
Reverse Crunches

Cycle Four

Russian Situps
Tiger Abs
Watching TV

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