Accountability Machine

The Accountability Machine

accountabilityThe Muscular Christianity “Accountability Machine” is an online interface that you use to plan your meals BEFORE the day begins.

You can’t overstate the value of accountability – someone looking over your shoulder and asking you questions about your diet that will make you squirm if you can’t answer them on point. Just knowing that someone is paying attention can be enough to prevent you from making concessions in what you eat and drink. And let’s face it: You can exercise like a champ, but if you’re eating like an amateur, you can’t expect your physique / figure to reflect the effort you’re putting into your fitness program.

It’s real easy! All you’re doing is planning your meals and documenting what they look like along with the caloric intake each food option represents. You hit “enter” and your plan is now in stone. At the end of the day, you record what you actually consumed – the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ve got an accountability partner entered as part of your profile so after you’ve documented everything for the day, you click on a button and it sends your plan along with your performance as a link to the person who you’ve empowered with the right to encourage and rebuke you depending on how you did.

With other tools, you’re often documenting things as you go or after the damage is done. This tool is different in that you’re being intentional about declaring what you’re doing to do before the battle begins.

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