The Hardcharger

hardchargersThis is a kickboxing routine I put together for a class that was being held at the local Rec Center. Tried to make it worthy of it’s name…

I first came in contact with the term, “Hardchargers” in the Marines. I’ve since used it in the context of teaching a Bible Study for young adults and now I’m using it as name for an exercise routine. Either way – aggressive, accurate and authentic! C’mon!

Dewanna’s – Panama
Knee to Chest – Africa
Round Kicks (BF 1/2 time) – Urgent

St Louis Kicks – Take Me Home
Watching TV – Boomin’
Side Kicks (FF double time) – Feels Like the First Time (Foreigner)

4,4’s (Jab, Cross, 2 Kicks) – Gold
Jab, Upper Cut, Hook, Cross – Got to Have You
Burpees – Rocky

Hand to Knee – LCF
Knee to Chest – Freewill
Touch n’ Go – Love Found Me

Marathon Jumping Jacks – Animal

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