The Pit

the_pitOutside every squad bay at Parris Island is an area that is suspiciously devoid of grass. While you might be a little confused as to why that might be the case initially, you find out soon enough. It’s “The Pit.” It’s where the Drill Instructors will assemble the entire platoon and have them do an insane number of calisthenics at a mind numbing pace. I remember one Marine telling a story of how his DI made them roll around in the sand after an especially grueling session. The sand stuck to their faces and arms. The DI called it “making sugar cookies.”

This combines the German Volume Training represented by the “Devildogs” workout with “1775.”


Devildog Benchpress
Hand to Knee

Military Press
Marching Pushups

Jumping Jack Pushups
Chorus Line

Marine Corps Pushups
Iron Mikes

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