The Today Show – June 19, 2018

d-today-bw-logo-4_3It never ceases to amaze me that policies put forth by the Trump administration are demonized because he’s Trump. If you go back to his democratic counterparts, you see the same dynamics. The only difference is they’re applauded whereas Trump is reacted to as though he was a villain.

One other observation: I caught a snippet of the Today Show this morning. They had audio sound bytes of children who had been separated from their parents as a result of mom and dad being deported back to their country. On the surface, you’re compelled to feel compassion for the kids and you want to stop whatever it is that’s making them cry.

But wait.

If your mom and dad knowingly broke the law in the way they came over here and then put you at risk every day by attempting to remain below the legislative radar, who do you hold responsible when they’re caught and told to go back to their home country? Do you direct your indignation to the one who is enforcing the law, or do you indict the ones who broke the law to begin with?

Let’s think of it another way: Imagine a person breaks the law and has to go to prison. Do we play sound bytes of his children crying as he’s getting ready to be incarcerated as a way to gloss over the fact that he’s committed a crime that’s punishable by imprisonment? No. But the media has no problem in attempting to cite “compassion” as a way to minimize the problem of illegal immigration. Compassion in the absence of wisdom is nothing more than a subsidy and this nonsense has to stop.

Over 60% of illegals are on some kind of government subsidy. Couple that with the amount of crime being committed by illegals, the drain they inflict on the economy and the security issues that arise as a result of poor border security, you’ve got a real problem. It’s not a problem, however, from the standpoint of opportunistic democrats who deny them citizenship but will simultaneously given the the ability to vote (and what party do you think those illegals will vote for?).

And one other observation that I just came in contact with. The 2002 Homeland Security Act talks about children being separated from their parents and the accommodations that will be made for them. This has been addressed and it was made into law and…

…it was passed by a Democratic congress.

Go, Trump! That’s all I’ve got to say. It’s hard to be just when your counterparts have been lackadaisical in their application of the rule of law, but what’s right is right and let the naysayers on the Today Show and the liberal media continue their rant and all that they do to further their own demise.

Go, Trump!

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