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starQuestion: If you had nothing to go by other than the things Trump has accomplished as opposed to the enumerable headlines that accuse him of abuses and character flaws, how would that change your disposition towards him as President?

This most recent offense directed towards the President, as far as taking a pickax to his star on Hollywood Blvd and voting to have it removed, represents yet another gesture that appears, not only over the top, but downright nonsensical when you consider the way this man was at one point embraced as one of the most successful business men this country has very produced – now, some of the same people that applauded him are now condemning him on every front they can manufacture.

But, returning to our original question: If you didn’t have access to the way in which the press so incessantly attacks him, how would you rate his administration based on what he’s done?


Unemployment at an 18-year low, more jobs than job seekers, three million jobs created, the largest boost in worker pay in a decade, bonus checks to three million working class families, consumer and small business confidence at record highs—all of thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

Also, the way in which Democrats will attempt to undermine any kind of tax cut by writing it off as some kind of sinister plot to benefit the rich (aka “tax cuts for the rich”), need to pop the hood and understand that income tax is founded on a proressive scale. In other words, the more money you make, the more you pay in taxes. So, if there’s a 5% tax break than those who make $5.00 will get a reduction amounting to $.25. On the other hand, if you make $10.00, you’ll get a $.50 reduction. That’s where the Liberal analysis stops in order to win votes and influence the masses. It’s the same reduction, but because it’s being applied to different incomes, the Left uses the apparent disparity to accuse the powers that be of creating a tax cut that benefits the rich. The bottom line, however, is that the majority of the tax burden falls on the shoulders of those who command a substantial salary. They pay upwards of 35%. And don’t forget, there’s also Corporate Tax and, in some instances, State Income Tax. So, if you’re heading up a company, you’re paying taxes on your company’s earnings in addition to the taxes you pay on your salary. In short, if you’re among those that make over $200,000.00, your tax bracket pays well over half of all federal income taxes combined. Any tax break that can be extended to those who shoulder the greatest tax burden as well as the one’s who are hiring and producing deserve such a break and any rhetoric directed against them is not rooted in common sense is toxic. For more information, click here.

Our Border

Trump has approached the very solemn duty of protecting the American people by doing what most politicians won’t: actually defending our borders. According to those who are actually tasked with maintaining border security, we’re lucky to catch 40-45% of what actually crosses illegally. Given the stakes, as far as illegal drugs, criminal gangs and terrorists, Trump’s actions should be applauded. Instead, he’s demonized as some sort of cruel warmonger who’s separating families and characterized as someone who disdains immigrants. The families that are being separated are separated because of the parents having chosen to break the law, not because of those who are tasked with enforcing it. And while the rights of immigrants do need to be considered, the rights of illegal immigrants are predicated on the fact that they’re not citizens and are, by definition, criminals. That puts them in a different category all together and to give them any kind of special treatment constitutes a compromise of justice as well as security.

Like most every other indictment leveled against Trump, the charge of being anti-immigrant is founded on a “dirty glacier” approach to journalism / current events. Pictures of crying children and insisting that a travel ban on Muslims coming from nations that sponsor state terrorism equates to a deplorable bias against Muslims in general is nothing more than a desperate attempt on the part of Liberals to remove Trump from office, regardless of the good that comes from making our nation’s security a priority. In other words, for Liberals, it’s not about what’s right or wrong, it’s simply a matter of power. For more information on illegal immigration, click here. And to see the progress that’s being made on the wall itself, click here.

Women’s Rights

This whole topic is an example of the way in which the Left uses words to twist the issue into something that it’s not.

A woman has the right to choose who she wants to be intimate with. It’s not her right to demand that taxpayers finance her contraceptives or her abortion procedures. Trump giving employers the opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to offer in terms of insurance coverage without federal pressure is both wise and appropriate. It is anything but an assault on women’s rights. If anything, it’s restoring to both the taxpayer and the employer their right to choose whether or not they want to subsidize what some might define as immoral and reckless decision making.

What Would It Change?

The Paris Climate Control Agreement, North Korea, the Iran Nuclear Deal, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Tax Reform Bill – there and other decisions and policies Trump has made have moved America forward in some truly measurable ways. Yet, he is, in some instances, literally loathed by people that cling to philosophical and political paradigms that are historically toxic and logically flawed. These are the folks that take a pickax to his star on the Hollywood Boulevard of Fame, these are the people that don masks as Antifa and violently protest, these are the characters that pontificate on talk shows and condemn Trump for the same things that they gloss over when their Democratic champions behave in the exact same way.

There’s more to this contest than just political convictions. And while we want to acknowledge that reality and engage it appropriately, it’s still intriguing to imagine how Trump’s performance would be re-evaluated if the agenda of the press were removed.

What’s disconcerting is that, for some, it wouldn’t change anything.



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