dw.logo_.victims.high_If you can successfully convince the world that you are a victim, you’ve placed yourself in a very strategic position in that no one can question you, let alone criticize you, without being automatically categorized as a villain.

Depending on how convincing your platform is, you can secure monumental amounts of compassion, pity and even favors. And what makes it a truly brilliant tactic is that should you be nothing more than a charlatan, your disguise will never be recognized as the sinister charade that it is. Rather, you’ll be applauded as a hero while those that dare to doubt you are condemned as cynical and even cruel.

Combine this theater with a script that makes use of words designed to illicit an emotional response and costumes that make you appear either meek or professional and you have constructed a stage reinforced with multiple layers of distractions and intellectual sounding defenses that is capable of advancing a truly heinous agenda, all the while keeping the voice of reason either completely silent or perpetually hesitant for fear of being labeled intolerant or worse.

Facts are subordinate to information and truth is silenced with facts. It’s an overwhelming din of outbursts, indignation and even violence – all supposedly justified by tragic circumstances and unjust persecution.

This is the methodology of the Left. Racism, Homosexuality, Illegal Immigration – these aren’t topics as much as they are tactics. While they do represent legitimate issues, their real utility, in the mind of the Progressive, is the way in which they can be used as the backdrop for the plight of an individual that’s been “victimized” by an antiquated and sinister system that must be changed.

The “system” is the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Moral Absolutes – bulwarks of our national and spiritual heritage – all of which limit the momentum of the Left. Therefore, they must be eliminated, or at least altered, in order to afford the poison of the Progressive to proceed unabated…

Right now you have a political climate where the Left is being viewed by many as downright disdainful. Encouraging incivility and even violence, perpetually negative press, even this last episode with Judge Kavanaugh where they attempted to promote the accusation of an uncertain and forgetful woman as grounds for disqualifying Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice while simultaneously demolishing his integrity, his honor and his career. These are the things that are being noted by those who aren’t quite sure how they’re going to vote in the upcoming election and it’s not looking good for the Democrats who are being revealed more and more as a party whose sole priority is the acquisition of power at any expense.

Meanwhile, President Trump is presiding over a strong economy, a solid foreign policy, tax cuts and a myriad of other campaign promises that have been kept.

In the words of my father, “It’s hard to argue with success.”

Now here comes a mob from Mexico whose intentions aren’t quite clear. Are they going to try and make their way into our country by force? It’s hard to tell, but it’s going to be some kind of standoff and what do they expect to accomplish in the face of our military? And what happens if we open fire?


This morning we hear that explosive devices have been intercepted by the Secret Service that were targeting Hillary, Obama and George Soros. Thankfully, everyone is safe and an investigation is underway. But what does the press now have access to, as far as the verbiage that represents an appropriate way to describe the aforementioned champions of the Left?

They’re victims.

Today Hillary was speaking and she assured everyone that she’s alright as a person, but as an Amercian she’s concerned about the division that is now so prevalent in our country. She went on to say how iimportant it is to elect governement officials into positions of authority that promote unity…

Do you not smell that?

“We need to come together as a nation and put this division behind us.”

“We need to act now before anyone gets hurt, be it a military standoff or a bomb delivered to a public servant….”

“We don’t want anymore…”


I hope I’m wrong. But should the investigation that’s now underway uncover a charade designed to make those who support Trump appear agreeable to the idea of attacking the former President or the former Secretary of State, I don’t know if I would be that surprised. After all, if your philosophical starting point necessitates the victimized element in order to distract from the lack of wisdom and substance that characterizes your platform, then you need victims.

What do you think?

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