f179bf74-9bc3-43c1-a51e-6691cfde2508_1.6149eab516ad9c7305839c582070fb6eThe “Waterdare” (pronounced Water Dare) is nothing more than a group exercise where you’re resolving to drink a gallon of water in the space of 12 hours.

That’s 32 oz every 3 hours! That’s nothing, right?

It isn’t really. But for whatever reason, it doesn’t always happen. And that’s why asserting an element of accountability can be so effective in order to ensure that come bedtime, you’ve hydrated yourself in a big way!

If you’re interested in participating in this, text me and let me know. I’ll include you in the group text that goes out every three hours and invites everyone that’s participating to text what they’ve consumed up to that point. Just knowing you’ve got a dynamic that’s looking over your shoulder that encourages and expects some kind of progress does amazing things as far as reinforcing your resolve.

Sound good!

Holler at me and let’s get it done!

The Waterdare!

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