What if Homosexuality Were a Moral Issue?

Right-or-wrong-780x520What if Homosexuality was a moral issue?

What if all the data that’s out there that suggests that homosexual tendencies are a result of distinct brain architecture, genetic predispositions or specific social conditions were put aside and the whole debate was initiated from the stance that says “Homosexuality is a moral choice…”

What would happen?

Everything about the current activst dynamic would come to a screeching halt. “Rights” would be revealed as tactics designed to shift the debate away from personal responsibility, every initiative that’s currently underway that seeks to redefine that which constitutes a family would be abandoned, “religion” would stop being either attacked or manipulated and “Gay Pride” would take on a whole new appearance as a defiant campaign against healthy morals, credible science and sound theology.

That’s why homosexuality can’t be a moral issue. That’s why every effort is made to drown out the stories of those who were practicing homosexuals at one point, but now are not. That’s why those who rightly condemn the nature and the findings of studies done by homosexual scientists desperately looking for ways to force science to certifiy their sexual preferences are dismissed as unenlightened and insensitive. That’s why anyone who bothers to pop the hood on the science, the culture and the motive behind the Gay Agenda and point out the fundamental lack of substance and evidence is immediately categorized as cruel or at least overbearing because, after all, it’s not a moral issue.

There are very few problems in our culture that haven’t been reduced to some kind of victimhood. There are very few scenarios where you can’t fly some phD in to insist that the problem being examined is anything but the result of someone’s poor choice. And until we quit prioritizing the “rights” of a person over the “responsibility” of that person, the debate goes nowhere, nothing gets fixed and the situation continues to deteriorate.

My stance is not to be twisted into something that justifies abuse or violence. But it is to be processed as a philosophical starting point that defines homosexuality as an abnormality and antithetical to all that translates to a healthy person, a healthy family and, ultimately, a healthy society. And there’s nothing productive being accomplished by accepting same sex marriage, embracing Gay Pride, rewriting the Bible or smiling as experts are trying to suggest that our kids may “suffer” from gender dysphoria. It’s all coming from the same pond and as long as we maintain that it’s not a moral issue, then the situation will continue to get worse as we continue to be told that it’s actually getting better.

P.S. If anyone is reading this and feels as though there’s an insensitivity at work that doesn’t allow for the fact that there are guys out there that were never affirmed and validated in a way that translated to something healthy, please don’t feel that way.

Here’s the thing…

Be it politics or social issues, rarely does anything get accomplished by yelling at one another from opposite sides of the aisle. Convictions aren’t based on logic alone. You’ve got some passions in the mix that aren’t necessarily “logical” and no one’s philosophical paradigm is altered in the space of a single paragraph regardless of how well articulated or substantiated it may be.

And that includes me…

That’s why I’m such a fan of Scripture.

Here are the Words of a Man that established Himself as the Ultimate Bottom Line by dying and coming back to life.

OK. Now, you have my attention. This isn’t just a clever communicator or a wise counselor – this is God. My King, my Creator and the best chance of success I’m ever going to be able to sit down with.

Billy Joel wrote a song years ago called, “Honesty.” In his lyrics, he defined honesty as a “such a lonely word.” In some ways, you can say the same thing about “truth.” We’re all like addicts, desperate for a respite from our longing – where is that comprehensive portrait of the issue? Where can I find the answer to whatever it is that’s got me agitated?

And here’s the thing: I don’t want to settle for someone’s “spin.” I’m supremely confident that God Himself is sitting down with the kid and giving it to him straight. He works through godly pastors and good men, but in the end, if I’m really wanting to be certain that I’ve got a solid grasp on the moment, I can go to Jas 1:5; 1 Cor 2:12 or Ps 143:8 and know¬†that I’m moving in the right direction. It’s not me being immune to those instances where I gravitate to what I want to be true as much as it’s me having access to the Truth – even if it’s something I don’t necessarily want to hear.

The Good News is that even if it’s something I don’t want to hear, it ultimately translates to something far better and far greater than anything I’m going to be able to orchestrate on my own.

That’s part of what motivates me when it comes to issues like homosexuality. I’m seeing guys being dealt a bad hand and then being told that it’s not a bad hand, rather it’s a noble pursuit and it’s all good. And there’s all kinds of credible information out there that that seems to make their situation all the more palatable. Yet, all the while, they’re missing the very thing they’re needing simply because they would rather settle for what they want to hear rather than allow the Strength of their Creator shape them into who they want to be.

We’re all becoming something. We’re not just “remaining.” And if we would become better, then it only makes sense to be reaching for and listening to the One Who’s the most qualified to serve in the position of Trainer and Provider – and that’s the One Who verified His credentials by being dead for a weekend and then being ready for some breakfast on Sunday morning.

Smell that? That’s the aroma of excellence…!



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