Why I’m Going to Vote for Donald Trump and Why You Should Too (Labels, Mobs and Crowds)

81SsnoeWwcL._AC_UL1500_Too much attention is being given to labels, mobs and crowds. You have a name, you are a person and you have a choice.

You cannot claim to be a victim of a flawed system if a close inspection of your personal history reveals that you’re not oppressed by your government’s unjust policies as much as you’re suppressed by your own bad decisions.

And you will never be able to improve your situation nor realize your God-given potential as long as you define yourself according to a label, a mob or a crowd.

You have a name, you are a person and you have a choice.

I’m Not, I Don’t, I Can’t, I Won’t

Every political paradigm in this country can be boiled down to one of two camps. One says, “I’m not, I don’t, I can’t and I won’t.” The other says, “I am, I can, I will and I do.”

These are not marketing campaigns, these are philosophical foundations that shape policy and define culture.

Let me show you what I mean.

On one hand, I am defined by however a particular institution has labeled me.  If I’m white, I’m a problem. If I’m a minority, I’m a victim. If I’m wealthy, I’m corrupt. If I’m a homosexual, I’m rejected. If I’m a Christian and a Caucasian, I’m a white evangelical. I am an anonymous member of a collective where everything about who I am - my triumphs, my failures, my future and my potential – are all limited and defined according to the group that I am identified with.

I’m not, I don’t, I can’t and I won’t.

And the only way in which I can rise above my dilemma is to empower my government with more authority and enable them to give me what I am supposedly powerless to earn on my own.

I Am, I Can, I Will, I do

On the other hand, I have enormous potential because of the way I have been designed. Regardless of my circumstance or however any organization would attempt to define me, both my future and my ability are based on a Divine Truth as opposed to a legal mechanism or a cultural obstacle.

I am, I can, I will and I do.

This is the idea that the Declaration of Independence took to King George in 1776. The colonists weren’t merely complaining. Rather, they were proclaiming that “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” In other words, the individual is not defined by their ethnicity or their economic station. No one person is superior to another and their ability to pursue whatever goal he perceives as worthy of his best effort is a God given right and not a systemic privilege.

I am, I can, I will and I do.

An Eternal Given

This is what makes America both unique and exceptional. What gives our political philosophy its substance is the way in which it appeals to the Supreme Judge of the world for it’s validity and a firm reliance on Divine Providence for its protection. And with that credibility and endurance comes a set of Divine Tools that when properly deployed translates to personal and national prosperity.

Because the American Ideal is based on an eternal Given, it’s not the personalities of the leaders we install as much as it’s the platform they champion and the extent to which it resonates with the Paradigm that focuses on the Divine Worth of the individual as opposed to the idea that humanity is its own absolute.

Those who advocate an America in need of a better system are ultimately telling you that you’re not, you don’t, you can’t and you won’t. The system is to blame and the system is the answer and all you need to do is agree.

But the country that you love and the Truth that she is based on says that you have a name and you created to make a difference and not just an appearance. You are a person molded in the image of your Creator to thrive alongside your fellow man and you have a choice…

You can quit and accept the idea that you’re a failure apart from a new system, a new god and an old lie.

…or you can stand.

And say, “I am, I can, I will and I do.”

A Twitter Account and a Headline

My choice for President is not based on a Twitter account or a headline. My choice is based on the platform that says I am more than a label. My vote will be cast in favor of the man whose record includes actions and not just words – results and not just meetings. I’m going for the candidate who focuses on the individual and does not get distracted by the mob. I will cast my ballot in favor of the man who I have gauged according to my own research and not the incessant din of journalists and critics. I will support the platform that sees me as a person created in the image of my Creator and not the victim of a system but as the sum total of my decisions.

I will vote for Donald J. Trump because I have a name, I am a person and I have a choice…

…and I am, I can, I will and I do!

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