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Recently I had the chance to write the adult bible study curriculum to compliment what compliments the “Left Behind” movie.

How cool is that?

Having seen the rough footage, I’m confident this is going to get some people thinking about the Reality of Scripture. For some, it will be an occasion to beef up their defenses, for others it will be a chance to revisit the fact that one day the Rapture is going to happen. Just like that, we’re going to see Him face to face and that’s good news.

One question that you hear a lot is “How could a loving God send a person to hell?” On the surface, that seems like a reasonable question.

But it’s the wrong question. The real question is “How could a rational thinking person say ‘No’ to God?”

And you know what? It’s not just a matter of your eternal security. We say “No” to God quite a bit when it comes to being on top of our spiritual game in general. We’ve got this amazing invitation sitting in front of us every day to grab on to some serious Truth and look at ourselves and the world around us from a perspective steeped in Purpose, Peace and Power.

I get stoked anytime I’ve given the chance to challenge folks with questions like “If you had to create a billboard that promoted a relationship with Christ and you couldn’t say anything about missing hell and going to Heaven, nor could you say anything about how God helps you with your problems, what would your billboard say?”

In John 17, Jesus defined eternal life as “knowing God.” Salvation was never engineered to be something that comes to bear only in the context of a Divine emergency procedure or a funeral parlor.

The six sessions you see below are designed to get you thinking and get you fired up about life in general. You weren’t put here to make an appearance, you were put here to make a difference. And that difference is accomplished by you and I taking the time to catch a clear vision of Who God is, hearing His Voice and enjoying the benefits that go along with obedience.

Buckle up!

Session One: Are You Ready?

Muscular ChristianityDo you believe in God? Do you believe that Jesus rose from the grave? You do? That’s awesome. But if you’re thinking that’s enough to get you into Heaven, think again. The demons believe all that and they’re not spending eternity with God. No sir. This session looks at what it means to believe in your heart and how it’s God’s Spirit in you that defines you as someone who truly “believes.”

Session Two: Your Guide to a Spiritual Six Pack 

Muscular Christianity1 Timothy 4:7 says to train yourself to be godly. I love that word picture. So often we marginalize spiritual disciplines as things that you do when you’re feeling either especially noble or extremely desperate. Nuts to that! You train so you can better implement and enjoy the Resources Christ brings to the table:

  • passionate approach to the mundane
  • confident perspective on the impossible
  • steady response to the difficult
  • gracious reaction to victory
  • unshaken resolve when confronted with the unexpected

That’s a life worth living right there! And that’s the result of a toned spiritual six pack!

Session Three: Location, Location, Location

Muscular ChristianityWhile it’s not uncommon to be more preoccupied with the words that we say, we have to be attentive to the life that we display and be able to use that as a way to earn the right to be heard. Location, location, location. “Where are you at?” Where are you at in terms of your personal life, your vocation, the relationships you have with your friends and family? Do those dynamics reveal the Power of Christ in a way that makes people curious? Does the way you live your life earn you the right to be heard?

Session Four: Apples of Gold on a Tray of Silver

Muscular ChristianityYou’ve earned the right to be heard, now it’s time to say something. You know what you want to say, but have you given much thought to the way it needs to be said. It’s one thing for someone to hear you, but it’s another when you’re able to speak in a way where they’re truly listening. That’s the example Christ sets when you look at the way He interacted with the woman at the well in John 4. “A word aptly spoken…” That’s what we need to be shooting for.

Session Five: How to Handle Angry Customers

Muscular ChristianityNot everybody is open to the Truth. Some are downright antagonistic. What do you do? This session looks at three things to keep in mind: Don’t take it personally, find common ground, and try to see it from their perspective. Not everybody who’s “difficult” is skeptical. Some are carrying around some hurt that never healed. Should God determine to use you to influence the way they think, you want to be real intentional making sure your words are not compromised by your emotions.

Session Six: Lose the Frogs

Muscular ChristianityPharaoh had an option of either ridding himself of the frogs immediately, or he could choose to let them linger for one more night. You’ve got to wonder what he was thinking. Why in the world would you put off the relief that’s staring you right in the face? Yet, as outrageous as that may seem, we do the same thing. God calls, He offers, He invites, He commands and we…put Him off. Like Pharaoh, we would prefer one more night with the frogs.

Lose the frogs!

If any of these session resonate with you, be sure to head out leftbehindthemovie.com and click on “Minsitry Resources.” They’re offering free samples as well as other materials for your entire church. Great stuff!

Go get ’em!

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