Loose Cannon Fitness

loose_cannon_fitnessphone_displayIn the Marines, we exercised as a platoon. You had a lean, mean and very impatient Drill Instructor up front dictating the exercise, the pace and the form. On every level, at every turn yozu had a standard to adhere to and it was both motivating and extremely challenging.

“Loose Cannon Fitness” is a creative packaging of the same kind of accountability that ensures you’re a pointless puddle of perspiration at the end of every workout.

With Loose Cannon Fitness, your workout is a Playlist that you import into your iTunes. Each “song” features the voice of a Marine accompanied by a drum track giving you the exercise you’re doing as well as the number and pace of the repetitions you’re performing. Your workout never sounded so good!

No DVDs, no computer monitors. You can go online and see short video demonstrations of each exercise, but when it’s time to workout all you need is your mobile device and a place to perspire.

Unlike other exercise programs, LCF doesn’t give you the option of “doing as many as you can” or “going as fast as you can.” You have a built in standard incorporated into each exercise that compels you to move outside your comfort zone. It will change the way you train and because of the way you can mix and match individual tracks, your workouts can be customized to target whatever muscle group you want using free weights or calisthenics.

Adaptable, affordable and accessible – Loose Cannon Fitness will change your approach to exercise!

Loose Cannon Fitness: Ripped. Ready. Begin!

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Loose Cannon Fitness is the exercise program thats included in the  “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan.” For $29.99, you’re getting almost $50.00 worth of “Loose Cannon Fitness” tracks and workouts. Head out to amazon.com to learn more!
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