What is “Muscular Christianity?”

220px-Muscular_Christianity_GrugerA Brief History

If you’re thinking you’ve heard the term “Muscular Christianity” before, you probably have. The YMCA was a byproduct of the movement that went by the same name in the early twentieth century.  Theodore Roosevelt was also a big advocate of “Muscular Christianity” as well, often stressing that true manliness was a combination of Christian virtue and physical fitness.

While the social movement called “Muscular Christianity” produced an expanded perspective on how the Bible could be used to support the idea f fitness, it wasn’t difficult to process the “Christian” element as being more virtuous than it was transformational. Hence, from the standpoint of those on the outside looking in, it was often perceived as a gentleman’s approach to sport and not much more.

What’s Different

“Muscular Christianity,” in the context that it’s used here, is different in that Christ is the starting point and the end result. He isn’t a file folder as much as He is the Filing Cabinet. Fitness, here, is a subcategory of Discipleship.

Rather than process our relationship with Christ as an add-on to our pursuit of physical fitness, He is positioned as the Reason for our efforts and the One we are ultimately looking to honor. And while physical fitness is emphasized, it is really a starting point in that “Muscular Christianity” is ultimately about being aggressive in your pursuit of Christ and not just your record of intelligent carbs and successful repetitions.

Where Do I Start?

With “Muscular Christianity,” you have access to an entire suite of products and services that are designed to keep you perpetually engaged and constantly challenged.

Muscular Christianity:90 Day Workout Plan

Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan – this is the flagship resource of the “Muscular Christianity” strategy. 90 days of inspiration, perspiration and transformation! Available at amazon.com, this fitness program is crafted by a former Marine and it will change your approach to exercise, teach you how to eat and give you that spiritual six pack that allows you to make a difference and not just an appearance!

Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan |  Training Schedule – get a breakdown of what your typical training day looks like. Download the list of workouts, demos and supplementary material that comprise the “Muscular Christianity” program.

Loose Cannon Fitness – a resource that will change the way you exercise! Your workout is a playlist that you import into your iTunes. Each “song” is the voice of a Marine accompanied by a drum that track that together establishes the exercise, the number of reps and the pace of those repetitions. Your workout never sounded so good and you’ve never seen results like these!

The “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan” includes over 50 complimentary tracks and several pre-manufactured workouts. For more information, click here!

The Accountability Machine – eating “right” and not just eating “light” is crucial to any workout plan. And planning your meals / caloric intake before the day begins makes for a much more intentional strategy. Combining that with the accountability you receive by having someone look over shoulder equates to an approach that breeds success. That’s the “Accountability Machine!” Click here for more information!

Muscular Christianity Blog – In addition to providing support for the “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan,” you’ll also find all kinds of articles pertaining to:

…and more!

90 Day Bible Study Guide – three months of daily readings that have you reading through a portion of every book in the Bible. A great way to familiarize yourself with the whole of Scripture by focusing on the “highlights.” Click here for more information.

Muscular Christianity Curriculum – Bible Studies designed to motivate and educate – all part of the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the true “Hardcharger!”Click here to learn more.

Muscular Music Resources – a collection of musical offerings that range from instructional packages to little tunes designed to help you memorize Scripture and / or forget your pain as you’re working out. Click here for more information!

90 Day Bible Study Guide coverIf you have any questions, please email Bruce at bruce@muscularchristianityonline.com.

No Book Ends

In short, you’ve got a plan and an approach that doesn’t have any bookends. Rather than reaching a goal after a few months and wonder “What’s next?” “Muscular Christianity” provides opportunities to continue honing that spiritual six pack of yours so you’re making a difference and not just appearance!

Spiritually Ripped. Physically Fit. Fully Equipped!


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