Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan | Free Trial!

facebook_ad_trialIf you’re interested in “kicking the tires” a little bit before you pull the trigger, this “Sample Pack” is exactly what you’re looking for!

There’s nothing to buy, nor is there anything to “cancel” when you’re finished. You get:

  • the Introduction and the first chapter of the book
  • three “Loose Cannon Fitness” workouts
  • three of the “Core Training” Daily Devos

You’ll engage the “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan” for three days. You’ll start off with some “Core Training” (morning Bible Study time) followed by a deliciously grueling workout (“Loose Cannon Fitness: Audio Workout System”). Throughout the day, you’ll be documenting your diet and then, at some point, you’ll carve out some time to read through the material in the book.

It’s a great way to get your feet wet and experience first hand the program that’s geared to get your physically fit as well as spiritually ripped!

You ready?

Click here to get started!

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