Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan – Buy Now!

feature_90_dayMuscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan – embracing everyday as an opportunity to make your King look good by excelling in EVERYTHING you do, think and say – and that includes what you’re doing in the gym and at the dinner table.

This is not just singing some Praise and Worship songs while you’re doing some Jumping Jacks.

Crafted by a former Marine, you’re using the Loose Cannon Fitness Audio Workout system which gives you the exercise, the number of reps and the pace of those repetitions. You’ve got some accountability built into each routine in a way where you can’t help but get an amazing workout every time you train.

You’ll be learning the difference between eating “light” and eating “right.” And while you’re toning up and firming your physical midriff, you’re engaging in some quality Bible study that’s designed to streamline your spiritual gut as well.

  • It’ll change the way you exercise…
  • it’ll teach you how to eat strategically
  • and it will develop the Biblically based perspective you need in order to make a real difference as opposed to a mere existence!

You ready?

Buckle up!

Available at amazon.com for a dollar amount that’s less than what you’ll spend on a good meal and a movie.

Click here or on the image to get started!

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