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book_title_pageStaying on top of your spiritual disciplines is easier when you’ve got a perspective that’s intentionally filters everything through a Biblically based paradigm. In other words, social issues are processed according to the Biblical Absolutes that apply. Politics, your profession, relationships – everything! And not for the sake of being rigid or legalistic, but in order to be wise.

When you catch the vision of how your relationship with Christ is designed to be an integral part of the way in which you process yourself and the word around you, suddenly Scripture comes alive. Whereas before it might’ve been a little dry, now you’re seeing the advantages of approaching the whole of life from that viewpoint that maintains Christ as the Filing Cabinet and not just one file folder among many.

The Muscular Christianity Blog is broken down into several categories:

Bear in mind, apart from those instances where Scripture is being quoted in the context of a Bible Study, the things that are being published here aren’t necessarily meant to be Authoritative. The point is to help put in motion those habits and thought processes that seek to “correctly handle the Word of Truth (2 Tim 3:16-17)” and, like the men of Issachar who “…understood the times and knew what Israel should do” be able to apply the Word of God in the context of everyday living and current events.

Comments are welcome! The idea, however, isn’t to vent one’s opinions as much as it is to apply God’s Word in a way that translates to a wise bottom line and a course of action that reeks of Truth and not just prudence (1 Cor 11:19).

Bring it!

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