Iron Mike Workout

“Ironiron_mike Mike” is a class that I taught that’s based on a strategy that incorporates free weights in a group fitness dynamic. Very cool!

While we’re not lifting a lot of weight, you get the burn and the toil you want and need in the context of weights and pace.  And the “pace” I’m talking about makes a big difference when you’re doing all of the below exercises for three minutes or more.

Here’s how it looks:

Full Body

Culunges (Curls while doing a Lunge) -> Squats -> Lunges / Military Press -> Calve Raises -> Rows -> Dead Lift


Bench Press (double time, 1/2 time, super slow)

Quads / Shoulders

Squats (1/2 way down [double time]) -> Squats (all the way down [1/2 time]) -> Crouching Tigers (military press from a crouched position)

Shoulders / Back / Abs

Cheerleaders (w/ dumbbells [straight up and then straight out]) -> Teapots (bent over and moving the dumbbells out to the side) -> Goblets (hold a light dumbbell between your feet and do crunches)


Bent Over Rows /  Upright Rows

Calves / Abs

Calve Raises (up against the wall) -> Calve Raises (on a platform [ankles parallel to one another, then pigeon toe-ed, then heels together and toes pointed out]) –  Grahams (on your back with knees to chest, then extend your legs out so ankles are six inches off the deck, then bring legs straight up)

Hamstrings / Abs

Bulgarian Leg Squats / Reverse Crunches


LCF Devildogs


Dips / Tricep Extensions


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