Muscular Christianity T-Shirt and Book Special Offer!


The “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan” features:

  • tips on how to eat right and not just eat “light…”
  • the “Loose Cannon Fitness” audio workout system – military style program that you run through your iTunes – amazing!
  • 90 days of devotionals that will have you in a place where you can explain what you believe and why and recognize the difference between “practicing” your religion and “living” out the Reality of Christ in your life
  • extra materials that allow you to put a group together and do this alongside some motivated, like minded individuals

If you buy the book through Amazon, you’re spending $15.00…

The T-Shirt isn’t sold online. Rather, it’s made available as part of the “Six Pack Seminars” that are done from time to time and they’re sold for $15.00. So, rather than spending $30.00 (and the T-Shirt isn’t even available apart from the seminars and this offer), you’re only spending $20.00!

Just click on the button to the right, email me at and give me your shirt size and that’s all there is to it!

Bring it!


Limit 1 per customer,
cost doesn’t include shipping and handling…
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