The Six Pack Seminar – For Coaches and Athletic Directors

sixpack_emblem_rgbKeep training your team even after they leave practice…!

6:30, Friday nite on the 4th of August at Thompsons Station Church…

The Muscular Christianity Six Pack Seminar is a monster group workout that uses the “Loose Cannon Fitness” audio workout system – a phenomenal tool that you can use as a highly effective extension of your physical training program. In addition, the Muscular Christianity Six Pack Seminar equips your players with the knowledge they need in order to eat, train and think in a way that will benefit them, not only on the field, but in everything they do in life.

You get 12 individual workouts that your players import into their iTunes. While they now own a cutting edge workout program that is as effective as it is creative, as a coach, you now have an adaptable fitness strategy that you can use to target your players’ upper body, core, lower body or all three. You have access to workouts that utilize weights or calisthenics or you can create your own custom workout and target specific area for specific individuals.

Rather than say, “Go home and do some pushups!” You can say, do “The Henderson” and know that you’ve just improved the performance of your athlete by giving them a round of quality, physical training they can do either on their own or with a teammate in way that’s got a high level of accountability built into it that you can track and measure.

You and your players will learn all about these exercisse Friday nite, August 4th at Thompsons Station Church from 6:30 – 8:00 by doing them! You’ll learn modified versions of the exercises, you’ll take a knee from time to time and get short, memorable tips on the difference between eating light and eating right as well as how to realize your goals and not simply pursue them.

Muscular Christianity:90 Day Workout PlanFinally, you’ll be exposed to the Biblical mandate to reek of excellence in everything  you do, think and say. That includes your performance on the field as well as off!

It’s a win-win for everybody! You’re getting a tool that you can deploy in a way that gives your team an edge over the competition, they’re getting some great instruction on how to better maintain and improve their bodies which improves their performance and everybody’s getting a motivating reminder that they were put on this planet to make a difference and not just an appearance – that we’re never on the bench!

Seminar begins at 6:30 on Friday nite and goes till 8:00 pm.

That’s August 4th at Thompsons Station Church! Cost is $25.00 a person! Group discounts are available! Print off your email receipt and bring that as your ticket! 

Do you smell that? That’s the aroma of some great training and a potentially life changing encounter with your King!

For $25.00, you’re getting:

  • monster workout session Friday nite
  • instruction on how to train and eat so you’re realizing your fitness goals rather than merely pursuing them and performing better, faster and longer than your competition
  • learning how in Christ you are never on the bench, you are always on the field and empowered to reek of excellence in everything you do, think and say in order to draw attention to your King
  • over $50.00 worth of downloads
  • copy of the book, “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan

Be there, be stoked and be ready! 

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