College Entrance Exam Part I

college_entranceKnowing what you believe and why you believe it is important, regardless of what the issue may be. How you vote, the way you navigate the waters of compromise, how you think…you always want to be able to explain why you believe a certain way as opposed to something akin to “that’s just the way I grew up.” Or, “I read something somewhere…”

No where is that more important than your relationship with Christ. Not only does the Bible command that you be able to elaborate on the substance of your creed (1 Pet 3:15), it’s a very practical strategy to have in place so you don’t unwittingly miss the strategic advantages represented by being on top of your spiritual game (Josh 1:8).

With that in mind, see how you do on this “College Entrance Exam!” It’s a series of questions designed to “pop the hood,” not just on what you’ve memorized but, more importantly, the extent to which you’re “working out your salvation” (Phil 2:12) and growing in your understanding and appreciation for all that Christ brings to the table.

The questions are listed below You’ll find the answers by clicking here.

Here we go…

1) If you had to define the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament with one name, what would that name be?

2) What’s the difference between understanding and believing?

3) Is it just your discipline that gets things done, or is there something else that’s driving you?

4) What’s the best way to win friends and influence people?

5) What’s the difference between success and prosperity and, if there is a difference, can you have both?


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