Muscular Christianity Six Pack Seminar

sixpack_emblem_rgbIt’s not about being a “Christian” as much as it about being a godly man and having the top button of your Identity in Christ fastened in a way where the Purpose, the Peace and the Power of God in and through you translates to a paradigm where you reek of excellence in all things at all times… 

…including what you’re doing in the gym and at the dinner table!

The Muscular Christianity Six Pack Seminar starts with a monster round of calisthenics executed according to a different approach to physical training that will wear you out and fire you up all at the same time! 

Throughout the evening, you’ll be exposed to training techniques as well as approachable dietary practices. And while you are wiping the perspiration from your forehead, you’ll also be hearing how to peel back that film of normalcy that tends to cling to the every day moments our lives and see the Divine Imprint of Significance that transforms every waking moment of your life into something genuinely motivating! 

For $25.00, you’re getting:

  • monster workout session Friday nite
  • instruction on how to train and eat so you’re realizing your fitness goals rather than merely pursuing them and performing better, faster and longer than your best
  • learning how in Christ you are never on the bench, you are always on the field and empowered to reek of excellence in everything you do, think and say in order to draw attention to your King
  • over $50.00 worth of downloads
  • copy of the book, “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan

Be there, be stoked and be ready! 

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