New Year’s is generally speaking the “Super Bowl” of the Fitness Calendar. Everyone wants to jump into a fitness routine and either honor those New Year’s resolutions or just get back into a more intentional routine.

The challenge is that in the absence of some kind of accountability, you wind up working out by yourself, for yourself and answering to no one other than yourself.

The “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan” features a program based on military grade calisthenics where you’re performing every exercise according a specific cadence. In addition, you’ll be learning how to eat and not just what to eat. Finally, you’ll be up your neck in the Word of God in a way that’s practical and motivating!

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You’ll be working out every day, you’re doing a short devotional, you’re writing down everything you eat and then, once a week, you’ll be getting together with a group of like minded individuals, doing a group workout (think USMC / Parris Island) and engaging in the kind of Bible Study that makes a difference.

At the end of 90 days, you’ll be spiritually ripped, physically fit and fully equipped!

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Dave Cleveland

I love the workouts! I’ve trained with him 6 months. The first day I could barely get through one of the easier workouts. Today I did 50 push-ups, 50 marine push-ups, 100 burpees, dips, squats, abs and planks. Can’t thank Bruce enough for the motivation and the accountability.

Kris Krunk

Bruce and Loose Cannon Fitness has been a lifesaver to me. Accountability coupled with military inspired workouts is the recipe for great training. Highly recommend!

Amazon Customer

I’ve finally found a book/ program that pushes you in such a way that you see results, quickly! And not only for your body, but your belief system.

What I love… the workouts don’t require you to go to a gym, invest lots of money in equipment, etc. Difficult, but do-able, calisthenics and weight training (as Bruce says, pick up some $10 dumbbells at a garage sale).

I’m still working my way to keeping up with the program, but I feel completely inspired in that I’m seeing results in a short amount of time AND I feel that it’s a lifestyle change that I can maintain. Just as important (or more so) are the daily Bible studies that go along with the physical training. And it’s not just a “here’s your happy verse and thought for the day” study… it’s very practical and focused. “So, this is what you believe? Prove it!” And Bruce does a fantastic job of bringing the beliefs of Christianity to the 21st century in an everyday way.

This is a book that I’ll go through again and again. And it would be fantastic as a program to implement in churches for guys or gals that wish to challenge their bodies, as well as their faith! 


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A very practical and helpful book, not only on the physical fitness, but from a spiritual point of view.

Bruce Gust has wonderful insights into the life of Jesus Christ, his life, message and hope that he brings.

This book really gave me food for thought and encouraged me in my walk with Christ. I really like the style and common sense Christianity Bruce brings has he writes about faith in Jesus. You benefit from reading things from his point of view. The physical aspect is amazing.

It is a most helpful book in both the spiritual and physical aspect of life. Great book!!

Additional Resources:

Loose Cannon Fitness – take a look at the site that displays all the exercises and workouts that are a part of the “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan!” Normally, you’d have to purchase everything individually. By buying the book, all the workouts / exercises are included!

Accountability – while working on your own is do-able, you want to surround yourself with some like minded individuals that you’ve empowered with the ability to ask you questions about you consistency and performance that, if you don’t answer them correctly, you’re bound to squirm! This page shows you what doing “Muscular Christianity” can look like when you do it with a group!

LCF Facebook – not just some clever posts, but a free workout every morning using the LCF tracks and workouts. Just like the page and you’re gold!

LCF Virtual Bootcamp – all the LCF workouts presented as a searchable catalog of edited videos. This is the “Cadillac!” If you don’t want to to scroll through every entry on the Facebook page, this is the resource you’re looking for!