Why Did God Create Man?

Earth-withWhy did God create man?

It’s not an easy question.

Some ask feeling like, given the amount of pain and suffering in the world, God’s inspiration to create human beings couldn’t have been that noble. Why do it if it’s going to bring about the kind of trouble that’s typical of the human condition?

And then there’s the idea that He “needed” companionship or some kind of adulation in order to feel complete.

Either way, apart from an answer that makes sense, you’re looking at something that looks profoundly weak and therefore a reason to doubt the substance of God’s Deity and the purity of His Character.

The short answer is…

He wanted to.

God takes great delight in creating, blessing, redeeming, choosing and loving the human race (click on each of words in bold to see its corresponding verse).

It’s hard, sometimes, to process the idea of God “wanting” anything because as those that belong to the race of mankind, our desires aren’t always especially noble nor are they always proceeding from a position of strength.

We want to eat because we’re hungry, we want some companionship because we’re lonely and we want activities because we’re bored.

God isn’t burdened with those kinds of frailties or requirements. “Holy” means “complete” so anything that God would want is going to be based on a Divine Desire – something that flows from a totally self-sufficient and morally perfect paradigm – as opposed to a human appetite that’s characterized by a collection of crucial needs, legitimate insufficiencies and, in some instance, sinister ambitions.

It’s ironic that some would question God’s impetus for creating man because of the amount of suffering that humanity has to sometimes contend with when the hardship that man has to deal with is oftentimes a result of his own poor decision making. And on even a more profound level, the amount of grief that God has experienced because of mankind is incalcuable.

Why did God create man?

Why do it when He knew beforehand that it would cost Him the Life of His Son in order to compensate for humanity’s toxic desire to destroy itself by rebelling against its Maker?

He wanted to.

And to ponder the amount of Love required to create Adam and Eve knowing that it would necessitate the excrutiating pain of Calvary reveals a level of compassion for the human race that is nothing short of overwhelming.

What does please God? Where does God find His pleasure? Where does He find His delight? Amazingly that takes us down to verse 32. “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.” He didn’t say He’d give you something out of the kingdom. He doesn’t say He’d give you resources from the kingdom. He says He’ll give you what? The kingdom. Your Father has chosen gladly, eudokeĊ, to delight in, to take pleasure in. And that’s a wonderful translation. He’s chosen gladly. What delights God is to give you everything you need, every resource in His kingdom. And in Romans 14:17 it says, “The kingdom of god is righteousness and joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.” Everything that brings about righteousness and joy and peace, every resource in the kingdom your Father delights to give to you. (John MacArthur)


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