Be a Part of a Group of Guys Doing a Trial Run of 90 Day Fitness Program!

Muscular Christianity:90 Day Workout Plan

Here’s an open invitation to jump in with a group of guys who are going to be doing a 90 Day Workout Plan.

It comes from the content in the book, “Muscular Christianity: 90 Day Workout Plan” which is brand new. The idea is to get some guys together, hold each other accountable to the diet and workout strategy, meet once a week to workout together and just knock it out of the park.

Six paychecks! That’s the timeframe. And listen, it’s free! You can buy the book if you like, but you get immediate and free access to the content if you follow the links below.

If you’re interested, let me know! See you next Saturday!

Hey, boys!

It starts Monday, August 21st.  The thing you’ll want to have in place is a set time for when you’re going to exercise / do your devos. You’ll also want to have your diet established and ready to be engaged come Monday. By that I mean, have your calories calculated and your meals planned so you can hit the ground running.

Here’s the book in digital form: You’ll need the password, “Hardcharger” to open it up.

The way I’ve got it set up is outlined here: Basically, you’re spending some quality time with your King first thing. Those devos start on page 164. They’re short, but they’ll give you a quality boost.

Whether you want to work out first thing in the morning or later in the evening is totally up to you, you just want to make sure you get it done!

To get to the workouts, head out to and create a profile. After you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to a page that gives you access to all of the downloadable material. Download it, import it into your itunes and you’ll be squared away.

For your diet, here’s a quick and dirty plan to get started:

This is coming from “Men’s Fitness” magazine and it’s good! Most of what they’re recommending you’ve already got in your grocery cart. Go through that and be ready to hit it Monday.

Another resource you can check out is Click on any of the days on the calendar and you’ll see exactly what I ate and how I exercised. The results were noticeable, but I’m thinking you take that dynamic and extend it over 6 paychecks and it’ll be even better!

Stoked, boys!

The first workout by the way involves free weights ( It’s the “Iron Mike” workout. I’m doing that Monday nite at the Rec Center at 6:45 pm. It’s $8.00, so if you want to knock it out that way, perfect.

If you don’t have weights, just be watching for garage sales. It’s amazing how many people are wanting to unload fitness equipment that they don’t use. If you find yourself scheduled to do some weights and you don’t have any, you can do another workout (you’ve got 12 to choose from), but do try to honor the schedule in the book just so when we’re wrapping up and we’re looking at the “after” pics, we can say that the results came from the program.

One more thing: Rather than working out at 5:215 am this coming Friday, let’s do the PFT on Saturday morning. That’s 3 miles, situps, pullups, pushups and jump rope. We’ll start at my house and then move to the Thompsons Station Park. How about we meet at 7:30 am? Let me know if you can do that.

Here we go!

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