It Starts Tonight

jerusalemIt’s hard when you’re focused on all of the headlines and challenges represented by this particular season in our nation’s history to remember that there is a virus far more toxic than the COVID-19 scenario. And however you want to embrace or sneer at all of the hype, there’s something to be mindful of that was going on right about now some 2,000 years ago that utterly destroyed this bacteria that would’ve otherwise wreaked havoc on both our bodies and our souls.

It’s 7:30 right now. He’s wrapping up what would the last meal He would ever have on this earth. This particular meal was especially symbolic in that it had been given to Moses long ago as a ceremony that was designed to both remind the Jews of an amazing deliverance from an overwhelming political power as well as direct their attention towards a far more dramatic deliverance that would happen centuries later.

This is that moment.

That ceremony that Moses conducted the night the Israelites left the land of Egypt was now being conducted as the ultimate Passover meal. And while the disciples were not quite sure of what Jesus meant when He said, “This is my body broken for you…” it wasn’t the first time they were uncertain as to what He was talking about. 

But in a few hours, their uncertainty would deteriorate into shock, fear and disbelief.

In a little bit, He’s going to be in the garden praying with the kind of terrible passion that accompany’s a man’s complete confidence that soon He will be subjected to an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering. The word, “excrutiating” literally means “out of the cross.” It was an unbearable pain and Jesus was knew it was coming. In addition, He would be flogged according to a Roman approach that didn’t stop shot of 41 lashes Rather, He would be beaten until those responsible for “chastising” Him felt like they were through.

Hematidrosis is a rare medical condition where the subject perspires drops of blood. When you blush, your emotions trigger blood flow to a point just below the surface of your skin, hence the reddish tint to your complexion. In this instance, your emotions force blood out through your pores and you appear to be sweating blood (Luke 22:44). In the aftermath, your skin is sensitive to even the slightest touch.

Luke says that this anomaly was experienced by Christ…

And this would be before He was slapped, beaten, flogged and finally crucified.

This is what’s weighing on His mind right about now.

It’s not pleasant to meditate on what Jesus endured beginning tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. It’s ironic that it’s called, “Good Friday.” But it’s because of “Good Friday,” that we have both “Resurrection Sunday” as well as the knowledge that there is no plague or sickness that can stand against the Authority, the Power and the Love of the One they’re going to be indicting in just a few hours.

It starts tonight.

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