A Good Christian vs a Resurrected Hardcharger

emblemIn about an hour, He’ll come off the cross. He’s been there since 9:00 am this morning and it will take only six hours for Him to finally breathe His last. While some will take longer than that to finally pass away, they didn’t even have to break His legs. After the beating He got before they even put Him on the cross, He was close to dead by that point anyway.

The only two people that stayed were John and Mary. Everybody else has bolted and all those that were yelling His Name and applauding His entrance into the city only a few days before are now collecting their things after having shouted, “Crucify Him” and moving on.

The show’s over.

It’s a sad day. It’s sad because you’re watching God in the flesh being beaten, humiliated and betrayed to the point where you can’t help but feel sorry for Him. Granted there’s enormous theological implications to what’s happened and it’s going to land in a great place, hence the “gospel” which literally means, “good news.”

But the sick and twisted amount of despair is overwhelming. He’s God, but He was also a friend and a Teacher. Not only are those He offers salvation to laughing as they reduce His body to a tortured sack of flesh, everyone who ever proclaimed any kind of allegiance or admiration for Him has suddenly vanished and left Him utterly alone.

It’s not over though. You’ve got to keep reading.

Not only is He going to stand up, take off the grave clothes and proceed to change the hearts and minds of His disciples as only a risen Messiah can do, He’s going to institute something that’s been on the books for centuries as far as a “New Covenant” – a paradigm that distinguishes the Christians faith from every other religion on the planet in that you can’t merit your own salvation. You’re not, you don’t, you can’t and you won’t. But with Christ, you can, you are, you will and you do and it’s not because of who you are, but because of Who Christ is in you.

It’s awesome! But here’s thing that struck me about the title of today and where we are as a culture.

We can’t afford to be “Good Christians” anymore.

By “Good Christians” I mean those who get stuck on Good Friday and never make the practical trip to Resurrection Sunday.

You are more than your wounds and you are better than your sin. That’s not “positive thinking,” that’s “profound thinking.”

We need to be “Resurrected Hardchargers” – believers who are making a difference by reeking of excellence in everything they do, think and say. Applying the Holy Ghost Rocket Sauce that’s cruising through your veins in what you do, how you vote, the quality of your work, the way you love, how you drive, how you cut your lawn and – when it’s time – how you explain Who Christ is, why He makes a difference and why you should even care.

I was listening to a radio show yesterday that featured an interview with a former KGB agent that was explaining how our enemies are waging a war by allowing the US to destroy itself from within through what he called, “…the demoralization of America.”

No morals – no values. More specifically: No God – no point. And from there, it’s just a matter of time before all that which is based on a Divine Absolute goes away and we’re applauding as it’s escorted out of the building (Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Rule of Law, Moral Absolutes, etc).

There’s good news, though! You are more than a solitary voice and you’ve got more than two hands. We’ve got the One who beat death in our heart and in our mind. Hand Him the keys, let Him drive and stop rehearsing Friday and start living Sunday. That’s how you make a difference and not just an appearance. That’s how you succeed and not just prosper and that’s how you avoid being a “Good Christian” and instead be…

…a Resurrected Hardcharger!

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