This is Not Politics

f87de1210cfa5bd7ca3b1fd2648f6e73“Politics” can be used as a catch all term to define the self-absorbed elements that often inspire personalities in government to behave the way they do. They’ll make promises they have no intention of keeping, they pass laws that benefit their financial backers and they refrain from making decisions that require moral courage in order to maintain a peace that is devoid of justice and strength.

It can also be used as a way to sidestep moral imperatives in the interest of accommodating profits and the involvement of popular players who have no regard for any kind of absolute save the absolute of themselves.

When Colin Kaepernick first chose to kneel rather than stand during the National Anthem, he based his convictions on some judiciously selected facts while simultaneously turning a deaf ear to those in the law enforcement community who reached out to him in an effort to show him the training and the nature of a policeman’s job. Kaepernick refused.1 In so doing he revealed a deplorable lack of credibility and the fact that he would condemn the very paradigm that gives him the right to speak out makes him a truly heinous individual.¬†

If he wants to question the justice system, he needs to target those specific individuals that represent the problem and not¬†demonize the ideal that is America. It is irresponsible, it is nonsensical and it is a slap in the face to every veteran, every law enforcement officer and especially to those who are currently standing in harm’s way overseas.

What is truly sinister is the way in which the actions of police officers who have shot and killed black suspects are never viewed in the context of protecting and serving. All that matters in the eyes of the media and activists is the enthnicity of the criminal. All of the rhetoric that you’re hearing in the news about “injustice” and “police brutality” rarely represents a comprehensive perspective on what really happened and when you pop the hood on all of the factors involved, it is truly pathetic to see how a thug breaking the law is suddenly made into a martyr for a cause that has no real substance.

This is the platform of those like Colin Kaepernick champion by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. They are wrong in their perspective, they are wrong in their actions and they are wrong when they say to anyone who disagrees with them that they are succumbing to the world of “politics.”


1. Letter to NFL Commissioner from Martin Halloran, President of San Francisco Police Officers Association 

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