Trump and McCain

8AC02E42-DFAC-4A94-85B9-50AC592FD0B5I was a part of the ceremony that marked a historic event in Marine Corps history – the promotion of Sergeant Major Kellogg, making him the second Sergeant Major in the entire 200 plus year history of the Corps to have earned that honor.
Here’s the thing: Whatever respect is merited by the actions of those who have done amazing things in the heat of battle (Kellogg grabbed a live grenade that was thrown into his squad, shoved it into the mud and covered it with his body), they are still human and have the capacity to be difficult and even…
For example: Imagine you’re running for President and among your donors is a wealthy business type who you value as a supporter. You lose the nomination. Years later that same donor runs for President and you respond by…
Publicly insulting him and anyone that would vote for him.
Normally, you would be rightfully condemned as a hypocrite and someone whose lack of loyalty borders on heinous. Even your intellect might be called into question given your outrageous deficiency in discretion.
But you don’t have to worry about that because the larger players in the main stream media despise your donor and are more than willing to present you to the public as someone whose war record grants him immunity from any criticism let alone indictment.
So, not only do you get a pass, your foul attitude is forever labeled “righteous indignation.”
Your name is John McCain. Your actions in Vietnam were heroic and revealed a character beyond reproach. Several decades later, your name is still John McCain, but your actions coupled with your voting record are neither heroic let alone ethical given the constituents you represent as a state Senator.
The wealthy business type is Trump. He’s constantly maligned for talking about McCain’s poor showing at the USNA as well as minimizing the events leading up to his imprisonment. These comments, of course, being inspired by McCain’s willingness to throw Trump under the bus in a way that would normally be thought of as unethical if not unconscionable. But McCain is never characterized that way. It makes you wonder if John McCain was so antagonistic towards Trump, where was that disdain when Trump was writing him a check?
Here’s my point: Don’t be surprised if you betray someone and they respond by minimizing the very thing you would otherwise use to make your lack of character appear noble. Trump may not have impressed you with his choice of words, but don’t ever forget that at the first test of honor McCain publicly betrayed Trump before the whole world and a heroic war record doesn’t compensate for a shameful display of selfishness and cowardice.

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