Vocabulary Test

schoolHate, Fear, Propaganda, White Supremacy, Judgmental, Homophobe, Islamaphobe, Misogynist, Social Justice, Compassion

Imagine you’re back in school for a moment and the teacher has just announced that you’re going to take a “pop quiz” on some vocabulary words as they’re used by the Left. The words you’re being tested on are above.

Are you ready?


How did you do?

Here are the answers:

Hate – a word used to transform anyone that is guilty of wrong doing into a victim so as to make them appear innocent

Fear – a word used to create a flaw in the character of a person who is articulating an argument a Liberal can’t refute

Propaganda – any platform that rightly differs from the liberal mindset

White Supremacy – anything championed by a Caucasian that doesn’t unjustly favor a minority

Judgmental – what a guilty person says when they’re being criticized for doing something immoral

Homophobe – a combination of “fear” and “judgmental.” A tactic used to criticize the character of anyone who supports conservative Christian values.

Islamaphobe – again, another combination of “fear” and “judgmental.” A tactic used to minimize the toxic dynamics of militant Islam while simultaneously highlight the abuses and distortions of the Christian faith. This works well too as far as redefining out nation’s Christian heritage as something ignorant and sinister.

Misogynist – someone who isn’t willing to force an employer to finance a woman’s sexual practices

Social Justice – a form a financial favoritism that awards people things they would otherwise have to earn.

Compassion – strategic subsidies given to ensure a person’s financial status never changes in order to guarantee they vote for a Democrat

Spin – the truthful logic that characterizes the typical Conservative the the Left can neither silence or refute

For more on the way “hate” and “fear” is used by the media, head out to Fear and Hate – Start Listening for Those Words.

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