Rachel Mitchell’s Memo

MitchellMemoWhat is it about today’s political climate that makes it so volatile?

Why is it that the lines have been so vividly drawn between political parties when it used to be a situation where we all wanted to head in the same direction, we just wanted to use different methodologies? Now, we have differing points of view even when it comes to basic, moral issues and the presence of God in the legislative marketplace.

Our coinage says, “In God We Trust.” The most repeated character in our capital’s architecture is Moses. Leviticus 25:10 is inscribed on the Liberty Bell and would you be surprised to know that the President who attended church services every Sunday during his administration, approved the use of the War Office as well as the Office of the Treasury for religious services and also approved the use of the Marine Band to provide instrumental accompaniment for the religious services going on within those government facilities was Thomas Jefferson?

Yes, the same guy that Liberals love to quote as the author of the whole “separation of church and state” concept.

Truth is no longer revered as an Absolute. Instead, it’s about tactics, posturing and agenda driven journalists strategically crafting headlines knowing that the majority of those who are voting will base their convictions on sound bytes and talking heads more so than books and any attempts made to look beyond the din of media “coverage.”

There’s a memo out there right now written by Rachel Mitchell. Mitchell is a prosecutor who has 25 years experience of sex-related crimes in Arizona. She was hired by the Republican base in the Senate to ask Christine Ford questions in an effort to determine her credibility given the allegations she’s leveled at Kavanaugh. They felt this would be more effective in establishing a clear bottom line rather than risk wasting time by making speeches instead of asking questions.

If you’re really interested in the truth, it may be a healthy thing to read the memo. Granted, there’s always two sides to the story and you want to give both sides a fair hearing. That said, we’ve heard a great deal from Ford and those who have suffered as a result of being sexually assaulted. You don’t want to minimize any of that, but not at the expense of truth.


Read the memo. Mitchell identifies 3 pages worth of inconsistencies and includes a timeline that details Ford’s interactions with the Democrat party.

I want to believe that regardless of how the news wants to present the champions of the Left as dignified and enlightened individuals who represent the majority of America, there is a massive constituency out there that doesn’t buy it and wants what’s real and what’s true. That’s what makes America great.


Truth in the context of a Divine Absolute and truth as it’s played out in the halls of congress that are committed to what’s just and not the mere appearance of propriety.

In the end, it’s not just the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh as much as it’s the revealing of the sinister dynamics that seek to retool the essence of what America was designed to be and what can be again.

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