Occupy Democrats – “It’s the Republicans Fault!”

“OccupyDemocrats” is an internet entity that proclaims the virtues of the Democrat party and labors to cast the Republican / Conservative platform in a bad light. You saw that recently with the ad displayed to the right. Should you wonder if there’s any truth to what they’re saying, read on.

What is happening right now is called a fillibuster. It’s a tactic used to delay the final vote on a specific piece of legislation. It doesn’t happen in the House, it only occurs in the Senate.

While there is a Republican majority in the Senate, they don’t have enough votes to pass any bill without the support of some Democrats. It’s here where the Democrats are using their advantage to delay a vote, hence it’s the Democrats who are responsible for the shutting down of the government and not the Republicans. Again, there are some Republicans who feel the same way, but the true muscle behind this shutdown is the Democrats and not the Republicans.

Here’s what makes it so heinous: The bill that’s before the Senate right now is a spending bill. But while it has absolutely nothing to do with DACA (Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”), Democrats have stonewalled any kind of progress by insisting that unless some kind of immigration reform that addresses Dreamers is included, they will not vote.

And as far as “Dreamers” are concerned, we’re not talking about immigrants, we’re talking about the children of ILLEGAL immigrants. Obama’s legislation was not wise nor was it Constitutional, but it was strategic. You don’t grant citizenship to a non-citizen, but, then again, if you can issue them Green Cards and, in that way, provide them them the legal means to vote, now you have a greater chance of winning elections. There’s no denying that the offspring of those who entered this country illegally are in a bad spot, but whatever indignation may bubble up in the mind of the one on the outside looking in is best directed towards the careless parent who put their child in that position to begin with and not those who would enforce the law. And before you allow yourself to envision a collection of innocent adolescents, these Dreamers are far from softspoken or gracious. This past December there was a rally in Washington where close to 200 people – many of them “dreamers” – were demanding that Congress and Trump pass legislation that gives them full citizenship status.

They’re not citizens. They have no “right” to demand anything. But, emboldened by those who recognize the potential political gain that is accomplished by granting illegal immigrants the ability to vote, they are making their voices heard and it’s preposterous when you realize their whole premise is based on having entered the country illegally.1

While there’s more that can be said about this, let me conclude with an example of the hypocrisy that so often characterizes the Progressive platform. In 2013, Chuck Schumer declared that his party would never go to such extremes as to advocate a government shut down simply because they weren’t getting their way.

Well, obviously he didn’t mean what he said…



1. You saw this recently with California’s policy to grant Driver’s Licences to illegal immigrants. By doing so, you now make them eligible to vote. See New California Policy Opens Door to Illegal Immigrant Voting

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