The Good Parts – Part I

glass_bibleReading the Bible is always a good thing to do because of the way it translates to several benefits that are nothing short of significant. Bottom line: The more you know God’s Word, the more you situate yourself in a position of strength when it comes to living your life.

Today we’re going to look at the Bible and show you “how” to read it so you can better appreciate what it is you’re holding when it’s God Word that you have in your hands.

II) The Benefits

Why would you “want” to read the Bible? How does studying God’s Word translate to something practically advantageous?

     A)   20,000 Feet

          1) Temporary

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As a human being, I’m inclined to view myself and the world around me according to what I can control and anticipate. The problem with that paradigm is that everything I use to either manipulate my status or validate my accomplishments will either die, quit or change at some point. In other words, it’s temporary. Ultimately, I need and want something durable upon which to base my existence and sense of success (Ps 27:5; Matt 7:24-27).

          2) Limited

Secondly, I can’t perceive what’s beyond the immediate future. I want access to a Resource that can guide my steps according to, not only what I can see right in front of me, but also what’s coming down the pike (Prov 16:9; 27:1; Matt 6:34; Jas 1:5; 4:14).

In short, I want a vantage point that places me above the fray. I want to be at a cruising altitude of 20,000 feet as opposed to being in the mud where I can do nothing other than react. I want to see things as they truly are and not just how they appear to be and to do that, I need the Perspective of my Heavenly Father.

      B) Not Just a Divine Emergency Kit

Oftentimes, Scripture is perceived as a Divine Emergency Kit – the kind of thing you keep handy if you find yourself in a difficult situation, but not before.

That’s  garbage.

You want to stay on top of your spiritual game so you can:

• Hit a Grand Slam and not just get on base (Josh 1:8)
• Make a difference and not just an appearance (Eph 5:15)
• Succeed in all areas of my life (Jn 10:10)
• Be  wise and not just “smart” (Prov 9:10; 14:12)
• Live and not just exist (Matt 6:19)

In other words, I don’t want to settle for anything less than the absolute best. And it’s not so much that Christ is going to help me get to where I want to be, as much as it’s me constantly reaching for what God would have me become (Phil 3:14).

Fact is, God’s got a plan that’s uniquely tailored for me (Jer 29:11; Phil 2:13). The success I long for – the sense of fulfillment I seek – is bound up entirely in the accomplishment of God’s Purpose in my life (Jn 4:31-34). It’s that Purpose that I’m targeting and the only way I’m going to see that accomplished in my life is if I’ve got my ear to the ground and I’m listening for the direction that’s coming from my King (Ps 119:9, 11; Jas 1:5).

     C) Standard Features

Psalm 19 outlines several things about God’s Word that resonate as genuinely appealing, especially after having looked at the kind of perspective and focus I want for my life:

“making wise the simple…” (19:7)

“joy to the heart…” (19:8)

“light to the eyes…” (19:8)

“your servant is warned…” (19:11)

III) The Good Parts

Some parts of the Bible are easier to read than others. That doesn’t mean that some sections can be dismissed as much as it means that some sections require more than just a casual glance in order to understand what’s being said and why it’s important.

As a “primer,” here’s a quick guide that will direct you to some of the more well-known stories. This will get you started. Ultimately, you’ll want a Study Bible so you’ll have access to the kind of background info that allows some of the more complex portions of Scripture to make sense.


Old Testament – Pentateuch
Creation and the Fall of Man Gen 1-3
Noah and the Flood Gen 6-8
Isaac Gen 21-22
Jacob and Esau Gen 27-33
Joseph  Gen 37, 39-46
Moses (from his birth to the Exodus) Ex 1-14
Exploration of the Promised Land (Caleb and Joshua) Num 13-14
The Bronze Snake Num 21:4-9
Talking Donkey Num 22:21-41
A Huge Bed Dt 3:1-11
Greatest Commandment  Dt 6:5
The Death of Moses Dt 34


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