The NFL Protesters – You Are Not Brave…

jenkinsMalcom Jenkins is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. He tweeted this yesterday before the game:

“Before we enjoy this game lets take some time to ponder that more than 60% of the prison population are people of color. The NFL is made up of 70% African Americans. What you witness on the field does not represent the reality of everyday”

“America. We are the anomalies…”

Why? Why are you the anomalies? Why are the people of color you are referencing in prison to begin with?

First of all, if you’re certain that the reason behind this statistic is that the law enforcement community is prejudiced and embraces every opportunity it’s presented with to either harrass, arrest or kill a minority, then you need to take that to your police department and get a bottom line. Ride with the officers that are on patrol. Take advantage of the offer the San Francisco made to Colin Kaepernick when they offered to let him participate in any simulations or observe their training. Make a point of researching what it is that you’re protesting beyond the headlines that rarely give a full account of what happened when an officer drew their weapon.

Secondly, know a little bit about the history of this great nation. We are the only country in the history of the planet that fought a way to end slavery. While you want to invoke the phrase “systemic racism” at every opportunity, be ready to explain how a system is to blame for 41% of black kids dropping out of High School or how a system is to be held accountable for over 70% of the babies born to the black population are born out of wedlock. Be prepared to elaborate on how the lack of a High School education or the responsibility of having to raise a child while you’re still a teenager doesn’t result in a scenario where your ability to secure a good paying job (in the absence of a college education or a marketable skill), however difficult that may be, is not the problem. Rather, it’s an infrastructure that’s determined to keep people of color poor.

Third, you tend to side with Democrats, believing them to be the true champions of racial equality. Do you know that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was nothing more than a regurgitation of amendments ot the Constitution which were already in place? It was a completely pointless piece of legislation because all of the dynamics contained within were already referenced in the Constitution (13th, 14th and 15th Amendments). And where did those amendments come from? They came from a Republican congress in the immediate aftermath of a war that cost the lives of over 360,000 people, most of whom were white. And by the way, however redundant the Civil Rights Act was, had the Republicans voted in favor of the Act in the same proportion that the Democrats did, it never would’ve passed.

  • Your indignation would be better directed to those within your community that are perpetuating the crimes rather than the ones who are tasked with maintaining law and order.
  • You would be wise to consider the whole of American history and not just those headlines crafted by journalists who are more preoccupied with their agenda then they are the truth.
  • It would be prudent to analyze the legacy of the Democrat party and understand that those who are historically guilty of prejudice and racism constitute a small percentage of our population and are not indicative of the nation as a whole.
  • And if you still feel like you have a point to make, be smart enough not to disrespect the National Anthem which represents the very paradigm that gives you the right to protest to begin with.

I’m thankful for a President that recognizes the fundamental flaws of the platform these players champion as well as the disgraceful manner in which they go about championing it. If this is the true nature of the NFL – players who waste more than most people make, players who are protected by the very profession they demonize, players who enjoy all the benefits that go along with living in a country that is free – yet decide that they are justified in demonstrating a belligerent disdain for an iconic symbol of this nation and those who died to establish it – you’re wrong, you are not brave and you’re destroying the very stage you want to use to publish your rhetoric.

Frankly, the only thing you’re doing is making it more difficult for any real change to occur.

And what is that change?

Let’s just say it has very little to do with those who wear a badge. It’s got everything to do with the family unit that exists with the inner city. And that comes from Barack Obama. Those who insist that it’s not absentee fathers and blame institutionalize dynamics because it’s easier to pose as a victim and not have to take responsibility for your actions. Head out to Racism – Absolutely Not! to read more.

Bruce Gust SSGT USMC (1981-1990)
father incarcerated my senior year of High School
earned my degree by attending night school six of the nine years I served
make my living as a PHP Developer, a skill I taught myself – not something that was financed or a result of a grant

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