Trump Lied 6,000 Times – According to CNN


President Trump Lied More Than 3,000 times in 466 Days – article featured on CNN Politics

When you say Trump lied 6,000 times, can you cite each ocurrence? Probably not. So where are you getting your information from? Most likely you’re listening to those news sources that give you the narrative that best caters to your preferences, which isn’t a bad thing provided the narrative is accurate.

But it’s not.

A lie, in the mind of Democrat, is simply a statement they don’t agree with. A micro-agression is something a Democrat doesn’t want to hear. Racism, in the mind of a liberal Democrat, is any situation where a minority isn’t being favored. Fascism is what Democrats call a Democracy when they’re not in charge. Compassion, in the absence of wisdom, is nothing more than a subsidy and justice is nothing more than favoritism.

It’s a non-stop play on words designed to invoke an emotional response in order to compensate for a disconcerting lack of logic and substance.

6,000 lies? Take a look at something I put together in response to the NYT article that was unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. A full page cover article detailing the “100 lies” that Trump had told since being in office. I went through every “lie” and uncovered a “bigger picture” that revealed the NYT as either flawed or, in some cases, downright misleading. Click here if you want to look through them. Bottom line: The Times disgraced themselves throughout Trump’s campaign and they continue to pose as enlightened watchdogs of truth and justice when the fact of the matter is, truth is relative and justice is whatever best caters to their socialistic strategy.

And it’s not just print media. Even film footage is circulated that shows Trump doing things that appear thoughtless or even cruel. There’s clips of him being critical of John McCain. Mind you, I’m a nine year veteran of the USMC, so don’t hear this as outrageous, given McCain’s sterling performance as a war hero. McCain ran for President in 2008 and Trump was one of his more significant donors. You would think, as a matter of sheer courtesy, McCain would’ve been more discreet had he any reservations about Trump when he ran, but instead McCain mocked him as well as his supporters. In addition, given his outrageous stand on some of the more volatile issues recently where he distanced himself from his own party as well as a sane perspective, it’s obvious he’s not as concerned with honor or integrity today as he was back during the days of Vietnam.

And then there’s the one you cite about Trump mocking a reporter with disability. Here’s the thing: If it’s a film clip, chances are excellent there’s an additional footage that reduces the Left’s accusations to nonsensical outbursts. CRTV has an excellent piece that documents several examples.

If you’re a “Trump-hater”, chances are you’re not going to change my convictions and I doubt I’m going to change yours in that convictions tend to be convoluted combinations of logic and passion. But…from my perspective, if the liberal media is your source and you make no attempt to backup your thoughts with supplementary sources, then there’s a good chance there’s a bigger picture out there that you’re missing.

Go Trump!


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